How To Prevent Crypto Criminals From Milking Your Laptops?

The unauthorized use of someone’s computer to mine cryptocurrency is known as cryptojacking. Commonly, hackers do this by getting the victim to click on a malicious link which loads all the crypto mining codes on the computer.

How To Prevent Crypto Criminals From Milking Your Laptops?

They also do this by infecting a website or an online ad using javascript. Once loaded, it auto executes in the hacker’s system. How can you prevent those crypto criminals from milking your laptops? Read on this article to know more about it. 


An Overview of Cryptojacking

Browser-based cryptojacking is very common nowadays. The increasing popularity of this crime is because hackers gain more money with less risk.

Hackers define cryptojacking as easier, cheaper, and more profitable ransomware. Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system.

The risk of being caught and identified is much lesser while hacking through crypto-jacking. This also makes cryptojacking more popular for hackers.

The hackers also prefer the anonymous cryptocurrencies like Monero and Zcash while cryptojacking than safer cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This is because it’s hard to trace the crime in anonymous cryptocurrencies. 

Working of Cryptojacking

Primarily, there are two ways for the crypto-jacking victim’s system. One of the ways is to trickly get the victims to click on a link that is malicious. This loads all the crypto mining codes in the hacker’s system. The link runs codes that place the crypto mining script on the computer.

The script then runs in the background as the victim works. The other way is to infect a website or an online ad in their browsers using javascript. The code runs and solves the complex mathematical problems in the victim’s computer and the result is sent to the hacker’s computer. 

How to prevent Cryptojacking?

  • Install Ad blockers

Installing ad blockers in your system that involves crypto mining helps to block malware ads since crypto-jacking is often delivered by hackers through pop-up ads. Cryptomining scripts can be detected by using adblocker plus. Be aware of downloads and suspicious emails.

  • Keep Tools updated

Keep your web filtering tools updated. This identifies the web page that is delivering the crypto-jacking scripts. Stay updated with the latest version of the software helps to prevent hackers to some extent.  

  • Mobile Device Management solution

The mobile device management (MDM) system is a better solution against crypto-jacking. It helps to manage apps and extensions on the user’s device. 

  • Identify the signs of infection

If your phone or computer involved in crypto mining is consuming a lot of power and heats up when not in use, it could be a reason for the infection. Identify those signs and take precautions.

According to records, a record-setting amount of crypto crimes took place as far. The types of crypto crimes are diverse. It’s demonstrated that security remains a critical concern in the crypto industry. The steep increase in the value of cryptocurrencies is the major reason behind the crypto-jacking.

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