Step-By-Step Guide On How To Buy ONE (Harmony) In Australia

Have you been giving a lot of thought to buying ONE (Harmony) in Australia? You are not alone; ONE (Harmony) has lately garnered much attention. Therefore if you desire to have some ONE tokens in your crypto wallet, here is a simple guide on How to buy ONE (Harmony) in Australia.

Harmony tokens bring trust to the table and aim to strengthen the decentralized nature of the crypto space with particular emphasis on scalability. Given the huge demand, sufficient liquidity, and trading volumes, ONE appears to be a promising investment with the potential for massive returns.

Want to catch up on the opportunity then? We will expose to you the whole process of buying ONE (Harmony) in Australia. Also, we will reveal the top exchange to buy Harmony tokens in Australia.

Buy ONE (Harmony) In Australia

How To Buy One In Australia – Quick Guide

There’s no complex process to buy ONE (Harmony) token. In fact, a few simple steps are enough.
◾ First, You need to choose an exchange. In our case, Binance is best. We recommend it primarily for the ease of use to buy, sell or trade ONE (Harmony) tokens.

◾ Next, you need an account on the Binance exchange. You can sign up by filling out the registration form. It will require your name, email, password, and a few other details.

◾ Next is to find your Binance account. You can choose bank transfer, credit and debit card, PayPal, etc., to deposit money on Binance.

◾ Once you have the fund, you need to buy a stable coin, which you can then exchange for ONE (Harmony).

Where To Buy ONE (Harmony) In Australia

Before knowing how to buy ONE (Harmony) in Australia let’s discuss where to buy ONE token.

Several crypto exchanges in Australia offer you the opportunity to buy, sell, or trade ONE. Also, there are no special requirements needed to purchase Harmony tokens. In our opinion, Binance beats them all, but you can also go with Coinspot or for the sake of choice.

Buy ONE (Harmony) On Coinspot

Coinspot is one of the largest crypto exchanges globally and has a strong presence in Australia.

Fees and spread on Coinspot are affordable; also, buying cryptocurrencies is very easy and intuitive. Among other benefits, Coinspot also offers many deposit and withdrawal methods to manage all your investments easily.

Likewise, Coinspot is a trustworthy avenue to buy ONE (Harmony) tokens. Similarly, trading in AUD can be done with relative ease.

Buy ONE (Harmony) On is one of the best crypto lending platforms in Australia. Moreover, has a global presence and entertains more than 200 cryptocurrencies and tokens, including ONE (Harmony).

Its 10 million strong user base is a testimony to its efficiency.

Like Coinspot, you can easily buy ONE (Harmony) on Moreover, you can use a credit card and bank transfer to deposit money on Additionally, the platform allows you to apply for loans in virtual currencies, as well as loan your digital assets to earn interest.

Buy ONE (Harmony) On Binance

Binance is still the number one choice for both experienced and beginner crypto investors to buy ONE (Harmony) in Australia.

Novices will find it more suitable to trade Harmony tokens due to its sleek and simple interface and clutter-free functionality.

Besides, the exchange charges are quite competitive and offer numerous opportunities to extend your portfolio with higher profits.

The support of cryptocurrencies is enormous; there are currently more than 600 digital assets available to trade in Binance, including ONE (Harmony).

Ways Of Buying ONE (Harmony)

Whatever Australian crypto exchange you choose to buy ONE (Harmony), you must first fill the account with some funds. Incidentally, exchanges offer several deposit solutions to facilitate hassle-free funding of the account. Direct bank transfer and even card payment in AUD is also possible. Here are a few methods you can use to buy ONE (Harmony) in Australia.

Buy ONE (Harmony) With A Credit/Debit Card

The simplicity of using a card is unmatched, and that’s why it’s probably the most preferred method to buy ONE token in Australia.

All the exchanges mentioned above allow seamless visa master card transactions. However, simplicity comes with extra cost. On Binance, 3.5% is the charge for credit card purchases, while on Coinspot and, it’s 2.9% and 2.5%, respectively.

Buy ONE (Harmony) With Bank Deposit

Bank transfer is another easy method to finance your accounts on crypto exchanges. It’s not as instantaneous as a credit card deposit but allows relative ease of doing business.

Similar to card deposits, a bank transfer will also incur varying charges depending upon the choice of your exchanges. Additionally, you can’t purchase ONE token directly in AUD. You need stable coins to trade them for ONE( Harmony).

ONE (Harmony) Price And Prediction

ONE (Harmony) has shown potential, and since its inception in 2019, its price has only gone upward. Due to the excellent technological properties of scalability, the positive development could continue in the future too.

Some analysts believe that the token will continue growing primarily due to the very secure, scalable decentralized blockchain. It allows a wide variety of applications to be developed on the platforms that will push the ONE token to new heights.

On top of that, ONE (Harmony) has begun 2022 on a positive note. The price jumped 14.3% at the beginning of 2022. Since then, the rally has continued, and most investors believe that the price will reach $0.2968 by December 2022. Hence knowing how to buy ONE (Harmony) in Australia might bring you benefits in future

Benefits Of Buying ONE (Harmony)?

Buying ONE( Harmony) can have several advantages.

For the starter, it’s still a relatively young coin and holds a lot of potential for growing your investment manifolds.

Moreover, Harmony promises an entirely decentralized ecosystem with lots of potential. Several sectors like supply chain tracking, advertising exchanges, credit rating systems, gambling, etc., could benefit from it. If wide-scale adoption of the Harmony blockchain happens, investment-wise, early adopters will have a considerable advantage.

Lastly, Harmony recently hit its all-time high. It’s a sign that the token is growing in popularity and gaining acceptance among a wider audience.

Risks Of Buying ONE (Harmony)?

Crypto is a volatile world and, therefore, always involves some risk. Likewise, Harmony too can be a risky endeavor. Careful analysis and keen eyes on market happenings are essential to keep the investment in Harmony profitable.

Moreover, Harmony is getting tough competition from a similar Polkadot blockchain. In case Harmony fails to assert itself against the competition, the ONE token will lose its value, and the prices will hit the ground.

Detailed Step By Step Procedure Of Buying ONE (Harmony)

You must have gained all the information about ONE (Harmony) by now. The only business that remains is actually, how to buy ONE (Harmony) in Australia.

Let’s address the work at hand then and explore the detailed step-by-step procedure of buying ONE (Harmony).

Choose An Exchange That Sells One (Harmony)

We have already told you that multitudes of Australian crypto exchanges offer the buying, selling, and trading of ONE token. Moreover, the steps needed to buy ONE (Harmony) are nearly identical for every exchange.

The only thing that matters is the choice of exchange. To us, it’s undoubtedly Binance.

Binance Exchange

It’s a leading global crypto exchange and enjoys massive popularity in Australia too. Moreover, the list of supported digital assets on Binance is massive and beats other exchanges by a considerable margin.

Create And Verify The Account

Binance is secure, fast, and incorporates simple functionality. However, to onboard the platform, you need an account.

You will find the signup option on the main page. The setup will take you to a registration page, where you have to fill up the relevant information. Your name, email, and password will be needed.


Binance will also prompt you to complete your KYC. You need to submit a proof of identity and address to complete the registration. Upon completing the needful process, you can move on to the next step.

Fund Your Account

To be able to deal in ONE( Harmony) token, you need to fund your account.


You will find several options to deposit funds.

·    Credit/Debit cards.

·    Bank Transfer

·    P2P transfer

However, the fastest route to deposit money on Binance is via credit card. The amount will reflect instantaneously in your account.

Depositing funds is simple, and once you choose a deposit method, the setup will take you through the complete process. You simply need to follow the instructions as they appear on the screen.

Buy ONE (Harmony)

The moment is upon us now. The last leg of the journey of buying ONE (Harmony) is approaching. You have done everything needed to purchase ONE, the only thing remaining to complete the purchase process.

Buying ONE( Harmony) can be divided into two sub-steps;

Converting Your Aud To A Stable Coin

Binance does not offer ONE/AUD pair. You have to convert your funds to stable coins.

  • Move to the ‘trader’ section and choose the ‘convert’ option.
  •  Select the fiat currency to exchange (AUD)
  • Find the USDT(stable coin) corresponding to the currency you want to exchange.
  •  Type in the amount.
  • Validate the transaction and complete the process.

Using The Stable Coin To Buy ONE (Harmony)

  •  Now you can buy ONE (Harmony)
  • Click on the market option from the same ‘trader’ section.
  • Find the ONE/USDT pair and select it.
  • On the following interface, choose the type of order, enter the amount and click on the ‘Buy ONE’ option to complete the process.

Best Wallet To Keep Your ONE (Harmony)

By now you have learned how to buy ONE (Harmony) in Australia but Crypto is a treasure and needs ample security measures for safekeeping. Failing could cause you significant loss and may deter you from investing. Likewise, buying ONE (Harmony) token is half the job. You need a secure and trusted wallet to keep them safe.

Therefore, the next step is to grab a crypto wallet with a positive reputation in the market. Many crypto investors will swear by cold storage (hardware) solutions for the security of digital assets, and we are of the same opinion.

Here is a hardware wallet that you can trust for the safekeeping of your ONE (Harmony) tokens.

Trezor Model T

Trezor Model T occupies the top slot among the best hardware wallet in the market. It’s one of the most reliable cold storage solutions, and its price competitiveness also represents a significant advantage.

Trezor Model T

Trazor model T is a hardware wallet; therefore, your ONE (Harmony) will be stored offline without a network connection.

As far as safety is concerned offline storage is best. Trezor T does not need an internet connection to operate, therefore restricting all possible entry points for any hacking attempt. Moreover, the model is powered by a 120 MHz ARM processor (Cortex M3) running a custom-developed system that ensures smooth functionality.

Hardware wallets are inherently expensive, but given the security guarantee, the price of Trezor Model T falls on the more affordable spectrum of the price range. In Australia, you can claim a Trezor Model T hardware wallet for AUD 349.

How To Sell ONE (Harmony)

Binance offers numerous opportunities to make extra money on your ONE (Harmony) investment. You can stake your asset in a staking pool to earn interest or trade your ONE tokens if you sense an opportunity in the market.

  • To sell your ONE (Harmony) on Binance, you can do so via the Binance P2P platform.
  • To sell, you should navigate to the wallet tab and choose the transfer option to send the funds to the fiat wallet.
  • Next, select ‘P2P trade’ from the homepage and proceed with the ‘Sell’ option. Choose ONE (Harmony) token and fill in the amount. Specify the payment method you wish to receive money from the buyer and click on the ‘Sell’ button.
  • Once the transaction completes between you and the buyer, you can transfer the fund to your bank account. This is how you exchange ONE to AUD and withdraw money into your bank account.

How To Buy ONE (Harmony) In Australia: Conclusion

That’s all then. We have ensured that this guide on how to buy ONE (Harmony) in Australia covers everything you need to purchase ONE token.

Remember, the choice of exchange is essential and governs how smooth the process will go—binance suits both beginners as well as hardened investors. The interface is well designed and allows easy navigation. Likewise, security is uptight and ensures the complete safety of the transactions.

Simple account registration is needed, followed by the funding of the account. The money in your Binance account can then be utilized to purchase ONE( Harmony).

Still, if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to do further research. Remember, having complete information is essential to stay relevant in the crypto space.

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