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How to Convert Bitcoin to Ripple(XRP)?

Bitcoin and Ripple are undoubtedly two of the most significant coins across the globe. While Bitcoin has been there for quite some time, Ripple has gained popularity lately as a blockchain-based transaction platform. It has reached a new milestone recently, which is extremely lucrative for people who want to invest in coins. People across the globe want to purchase it for meaty profits. 

What is Ripple?

Ripple is a cryptocurrency that is dubbed as the currency for banks, which enables a seamless and nearly instantaneous money transfer. The network is expanding and popular for cross-border money transfers. 

Banks and cryptocurrencies do not go hand in hand and this is the reason why many people ignored this currency. But yes, it cannot be denied that Ripple was the reason why smart investors got to witness lump sum profits last year. 

Ripple (XRP) is known for being the third-highest market capital in the cryptocurrency world.

Notably, its prices have surged to $2.10 from $0.25 in the last month. It is expected that it will soar further this year. This is the reason why Ripple has become extremely popular and people are still seeking to invest in it. 

If you have BTC, do you know how to convert bitcoin to ripple(XRP)? 

If not, then please read on. 

How to Exchange XRP for BTC

If you do your research on this, you must know that there are different ways of exchanging and buying XRP for BTC. Here are some of the best ways:

Changelly (For Instant Exchange)

If you are keen to convert it in a fast and frictionless way, then Changelly is an option you should consider. It is a popular cryptocurrency swapping exchange with an easy registration process.  It provides access to various cryptocurrencies in exchange for BTC. You should check it out to understand how the entire process works. 

For using Changelly, you do not need a KYC or other lengthy forms. You can easily sign up without wasting much time or effort. 

With Changelly, all you need to do is sign up with an authentic email ID. You can even use an alias if you want your identity to remain confidential. 

Here are the advantages of using Changelly:

  • Competitive exchange rates
  • Easy to access transaction history for tracking 

To receive Ripple from Changelly, you will need the XRP address where you want to receive your Ripple tokens (Choose XRP wallet). You will, of course, need some bitcoins to exchange for Ripple. 


Secondly, Binance is another way for a cryptocurrency exchange in a convenient manner. It started in China and concluded its ICO in the middle of 2017. 

It has been growing substantially since then and is now placed as the numero uno cryptocurrency exchange. It has 140 altcoins listed on it, which are increasing manifolds. You can even get Ripple from the Binance exchange if you already own BTC. 

You are able to buy and exchange Ripple for BTC from Binance in the following trade pair. Moreover, the volume is impressive for bulk orders. 

Notably, Binance also facilitates a mobile application for individuals who want to exchange XRP for BTC on the go.

You have to transfer BTC and then exchange it for XRP.

Huobi Pro

Huobi Pro is a brand of Huobi Global and a market-leading global digital asset exchange. On the other hand, Huobi Global is a leading cryptocurrency financial services group.

All you need to do is register using your email ID and simply set a password. But if you want to go for higher withdrawal limits, submission of documents for KYC is required. Houbi Pro supports above 248 cryptocurrency pairs, which even includes Ripple. 


Bitfinex was the exchange platform with the highest volume until Binance came into existence. Nevertheless, it is still among the top three exchange platforms in terms of volume.

You should also note that it also falls under the top three for providing liquidity for XRP/BTC pairs which means it is an interesting place for anyone to exchange XRP for BTC.

However, there is a drawback – it is not as smooth as Changelly or Binance as the registration process and KYC verification is quite time-consuming. It takes 15 to 20 business days. So if you want to use Bitfinex, you need to take preparation in advance. The authentication process is quite lengthy. You can use Bitfinex’s Android and iOS mobile apps to convert your BTC to XRP when you don’t like the web version anymore. This is quite an advantage. 

Conclusion- Best ways to convert BTC to XRP

These are some of the best ways to convert bitcoin to ripple.

You should be aware that many people eventually lose their cryptos by keeping them in exchange wallets. We are sure that these methods would be helpful for you. 

To know more about exchanging bitcoin for ripple, please keep an eye on this blog section. 

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