Key Players In Crypto & Blockchain Share Their New Year’s Wish For 2020!

Key Players In Crypto & Blockchain Share Their New Year’s Wish For 2020!

Blockchain technology and crypto work hand in hand.Because blockchain technology has been designed to keep records of all transactions in a network. So cryptocurrencies rely on blockchain technology. 2019 is a remarkable year for both blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Key Players In Crypto & Blockchain Share Their New Year’s Wish For 2020!

A lot of unexpected things happened. It was the year in which blockchain technology translated the previous years’ hype into practical use and new cryptocurrency products were also launched. Now it’s time to bring our attention to 2020. Here we share the new year’s wish of key influencers of crypto and blockchain.

Key Players In Crypto & Blockchain Share Their New Year’s Wish For 2020!

New year’s wish of key players

By all measures,2019 was a transformative year for crypto and blockchain. Both customers and businessmen were making sense of blockchain technology.2019 was a year that gave birth to new projects like blockchain alliances and next-generation startups. By the end of 2019, key players of blockchain and crypto industries shared their views of what they would wish to see in 2020.

Erik Voorhees

The first wish was shared by Erik Voorhees, the founder, and CEO of ShapeShift which is a Swiss-based instant cryptocurrency exchange. He shared that he would like to see the perception of crypto assets return back to a balanced state in 2020.


He means that in 2017 every crypto in existence was worth a gazillion dollars and in 2018/2019, there has been a similarly pessimistic view. That is, anything other than Bitcoin is worthless. He also explained that both extremes are misguided and he would like to see the quality projects start to be differentiated more clearly from the garbage projects.

Valery Vavilov

valery Vavilov

Valery Vavilov, co-founder, and CEO of Bitfury Group, the largest non-Chinese Bitcoin blockchain software development company hopes that in 2020 more people, companies and government around the world will choose to do good, driven by inner values that focus on making the world more trustable, livable and secure for all of us. Bitfury Group was one of the world’s top Fintech firms and has been included in the “Fintech 50” list.

Ethan Beard

The next wish was shared by Ethan Beard, SVP of Xpring, a ripple initiative that invests, incubates and provides grants to tech startups. When we move to 2020, his hope is to see more developers building on the XRP ledger and inter ledger protocol as xpring pushes to make integrating money into applications easy for more than 23M developers worldwide.

Ethan Beard

Xpring will continue to make strategic partnerships in the global blockchain and crypto ecosystem and push updates to the xpring platform to help further his vision. Ethan Beard also wishes to see more financial institutions holding and trading digital assets in 2020, with at least half of the top 20 global banks leveraging digital assets in some form. His wish is that this trend will expand to other global markets outside the G20. He expects a blockchain-based game in 2020, reaching broad adoption that allows users to buy and sell virtual goods and capitalize on tokenized assets. He also states that blockchain provides opportunities to reinvent the business model for games.

Daniel Larimer is an open-source software publisher and the company behind the EOSIO network. They launched the beta version of the EOS based social media platform voice and inspired the Marshall islands to develop its own national digital currency. Daniel Larimer, CTO at discussed and shared his vision of 2020. He said that his key focus is integrity.

Dan Larimer

He likes to collaborate and work with everyone in the ecosystem that’s pushing forward technologies that facilitate integrity in society. Daniel Larimer also says that there is a lot of tribalism in the cryptocurrency space and if at the end of the day blockchain wins, then we all win.

So, many of the key players in crypto and blockchain technology are looking at 2020 to lit up a green light. They expect that blockchain will enter into a stage of more realism. If all these wishes come through and will realize that 2020 is going to be a pretty nice year for crypto and blockchain.

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