mBit casino review

mBit Casino Review 2022 : Scam Exposed!

Hello guys, am back with a much-awaited and hyped review and that’s the mBit Casino Review.

This cryptocurrency casino has been making the rounds of talks in the field. While some say it’s fake and the others say it is a real one.

mBit Casino Reviews – Is This Another Scam Site?

So I thought I would look into this casino myself and clear things once and for all. So let’s get started on the mBit Casino Reviews.

mBit casino review

The first thing that crossed my mind as I went through the official website page of mBit Casino was that I should do a review on this cryptocurrency casino because I need to tell people to stay away from the scam casinos and Bitcoin Casino King Players.

mBit Casino claims that they have an exclusive first deposit bonus of 150%.

Sounds incredible, right? Read the complete mBit Casino Review to know the insider details. 

What Is mBit Casino?

mBit cryptocurrency casino promises its users very weird casino games that make people believe that they can earn loads of money.

They also claim that the user hardly needs to do any work as everything will be done by the mBit Casino lobby and software.

The system claims numerous features and characteristics that they won’t really deliver.

Its website contains 1005 false reviews and testimonials taken from other websites and it’s among the other thousand scam cryptocurrency casinos.

As I have a lot of experience in reviewing websites and casinos like this, I have got a feeling that something is not right in the mBit Casino webpage.

Main Features Offered By mBit Casino

  • Once you enter the mBit Casino, you will get numerous gaming options and you can also play games from top developers such as Amatic, Red Tiger Gaming, Play’N GO, and Betsoft.
  • But if you want to play each of the slots, you have to pay real money initially.
  • The casino offers more than 100 different progressive jackpot slots and some have very lucrative prizes.
  • But the users who have already experimented with those slots don’t find any prizes for winning.
  • There are 100 different options of roulette, but you couldn’t find live dealer games, regional roulettes, or auto-roulettes. 
  • Using the different lobbies available, you can test out depending on the betting limits that you are looking to play with.
  • But this can be utilized by experienced players only. Beginners are not catered here. 
  • As per the mBit Casino user’s review, the overall experience is unvaried and the streams are of low quality. Many games don’t have a mobile version too.

How Does mBit Casino Work?

Once you log in through the official website page of mBit Casino, you can start playing.

It claims that it is under the regulation and oversight of the Curacao government.

Even though the platform aims to protect the privacy of its players, allowing people to gamble online in an anonymous manner, it fails.

The whole system is a bit more complex in nature and you can play games from some top developers such as Amatic, Red Tiger Gaming, and BetSoft.

By signing up for the platform, they offer some welcome bonuses too. At each of the first three deposits, you will get access to a deposit bonus.

All the bonus funds will be only valid for the first thirty days. Free spins will be offered for the first deposit bonus offer and will be credited at a rate of 50 free spins per day.

But to get these free spins, you need to have deposited at least 0.05 BTC. Other negative claims by mBit casino are revealed here.

It claims that the system allows online gambling anonymously, but these no deposit bonuses will only be available to those users who want to add a phone number to their account.         

Pros And Cons Of mBit Casino

The possible advantages and the main disadvantages of the mBit cryptocurrency Casino are noted below. Check it out before choosing a cryptocurrency casino.


  • Wide varieties of games: The website claims that they provide a massive selection and wide variety of games. But once you visit the mBit Casino website, you cannot see such wide varieties and the majority of the games have some fee that should be paid initially.
  • Variety of payment options: the website offers a variety of payment options for you. The users can select either fiat currency or cryptocurrency to pay the fees.
  • Many welcome offers: The system claims many welcome offers and bonuses even though they don’t provide them properly. 


  • Unrealistic claims
  • Fake testimonials are added to the official website
  • mBit Casino doesn’t cater to beginners 
  • It doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app
  • Clunky desktop site

Is mBit Casino A Scam Or A Legit Cryptocurrency Casino?

mBit cryptocurrency casino gives you a lot of proof that it is not a platform that you can lay your complete belief or you can’t blindly deposit funds or fees to play a game in mBit Casino.

mBit cryptocurrency Casino is a 100% scam. Just like most of the fake casinos, the creator and persons behind mBit hide behind the program.

Any person and team with a legit program or organization would be willing to show themselves to the world.

If the mBit casino is a legit casino that claims 100% legit offers, then the creators must be proud to introduce it to the world. 

mBit Casinos Review – Conclusion 

After doing a complete mBit Casino review I could assure you that for now, this gambling platform is completely a scam and publishes false claims on their website.

The whole system is set up so unrealistically with the sole intention of earning some money, not for the users but for the people behind it.

I would definitely ask people to stay away from such scam gambling sites. Normally people choose gambling sites for entertainment purposes and to earn some passive money.

But at the end of the day, this kind of scam gambling website will only leave you disappointed as you won’t get any offers claimed by their website.

After reading this mBit Casino review, I hope that you have got all the information needed to make a decision about whether to select mBit casino or not.

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  1. couldn’t agree more, this site accept UK players , their money when they are not allowed to and then when is time to withdrawn they block you saying u are not allowed. The games are rigged and the support dismissive. Is not a casino but a simple scam. stay away.

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