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Moon Bitcoin: Most Trending Bitcoin Faucet!

Moon Bitcoin is a trending bitcoin faucet to earn free bitcoins. It is a platform created in 2014 and allows users to collect rewards for finishing tasks and surveys. It also allows its customers to maintain a little balance every 5 minutes.

Thus it became the trendiest, most popular, and one of the websites that have a large visitor base.

The major difference between moon bitcoin and other bitcoin faucets is that most faucets allow customers to claim once per hour or once per day, but bitcoin moon allows them to claim as often or as little as they like.

This article contains all the information about the moon bitcoin-like how it works and so on. So read this article till the end to get in-depth knowledge about this faucet.

An Overview Of Moon Bitcoin

Moon Bitcoin is a completely free platform that operates on ads. The website allows you to earn bitcoins without any investments. Mining bitcoins by moon bitcoin services consists of completing the captcha and completing other elementary tasks.

The bitcoin you earned through these tasks is collected in the micro-wallet, which you can then easily withdraw earnings to any third-party wallet without a commission. To withdraw your bitcoins from your account, just follow the steps given below.

Moon Bitcoin

  • Register on Coinpot
  • Register on Moon Bitcoin
  • Click on the claim now button on the website

The coins your earned are collected in a Coinpot wallet and by following the above steps you can transfer those coins to a third-party wallet.

How Does It Work?

To start with certain tasks in Moon Bitcoin, you have to register on the website. Before that, you have to create your account in the Coinpot wallet. Now you can create your own account using this Coinpot wallet email address. It also provides services based on additional bonuses like:

  • Loyalty Bonus

You can accrue a 1% commission by withdrawing the bitcoin you earned through various activities on the site every day. Thus for a consecutive 7 days, you will get a 7% commission as a free bonus.

  • Referral Bonus

By referring to one person, you will earn a 1% commission. Thus on referring 10 persons, you will get an additional 10 percent commission on every Bitcoin to withdraw. 

  • Mystery Bonus

A mystery bonus is an extra bonus or additional bonus awarded at random.

  • Offer Bonus

This bonus is rewarded for completing additional tasks that are offered on the site in the Offers section.

  • Minning Bonus

Those who use Moon bitcoin to mine bitcoin through their personal computers are rewarded with a mining bonus. 

Moon Bitcoin is a popular bitcoin faucet that has gained momentum in the bitcoin community. It is basically an app or website that offers users a small amount of bitcoin for successfully completing tasks provided on the website. So Moon Bitcoin is one of the prominent and legit bitcoin faucet platforms.

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