Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts: An Automatically Executable Line Of Codes!

Smart Contracts are a set of computer codes between two or more members that run on the top of the blockchain. It constitutes a set of rules that involves the two parties.

If the predefined rules are met, the smart contract executes itself to produce the output. This article helps you to know more about this automatically executable line of codes and how it is executed. Read on till the end to dig out more.

What Is Smart Contract? How Does It Work?

The concept of a smart contract was proposed by Nick Szabo in 1994. The vision of such a new concept is to extend the functionality of electronic transition methods.

Smart contracts help you to exchange property or anything of value in a transparent way. When specific conditions are met, smart contracts become self-operating computer programs.

Smart Contracts

At that time, they automatically execute the functions. Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency that allows other blockchain applications to be built on it. Smart contracts are essential for the working and other applications of Ethereum.

As the smart contracts are running in blockchain, they are stored in a public database and cannot be changed. The transactions that happen in a smart contract can be processed automatically without the need for a third party. 

How do Smart Contracts works on Ethereum?

Smart contracts are programs that execute exactly as they are set up by their creators. Ethereum is a platform built specifically for creating smart contracts. Ethereum replaces a more restrictive space of Bitcoin and replaces it with a language that allows developers to write their own programs. Smart contracts can:

  • Spent funds when only a required percentage of people agree
  • Manage agreements and other insurance-related subjects between participants  
  • Work as a software library for other contracts
  • Stores information

Smart contracts are one of the most successful applications of blockchain technology. It helps to reduce transaction costs significantly.

They usually work on a mechanism that involves digital assets along with multiple parties where the involved participants can automatically govern their assets. 

Benefits of using Smart contracts

  • Transparency 

Transparency is the most important feature of smart contracts. The chances of dispute and issues can be avoided by agreeing on the terms and conditions stated previously. This allows the involved parties to ensure transparency during transactions through smart contracts. 

  • Minimum Expenditure Of Time

Smart contracts are time efficient as they avoid unnecessary steps during transactions. They use software codes for the transaction and these codes save time when compared to other means of transactions. 

  • No Chances Of Errors

Smart contracts get automatically executed when certain conditions are met. The conditions are defined earlier and the software codes are created in a detailed form. So smart contract is more accurate and precise than manual contracts.   

  • Efficient 

As the functioning of smart contracts involves automated coding features, they are the safest mode of transaction that are existing today. Since they are more accurate and precise, they are highly efficient too.

To sum up, smart contracts help to simplify a payment process by automatically triggering the whole process when certain conditions that are defined earlier are met. Are there any questions or if you have any other suggestions and inquiries you can get in touch with me through the comment section.  

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