Where To Buy WINK Crypto

Where To Buy WINK Crypto?- A Safest Blockchain-Based Gaming Platform!

Based on the gaming platform, WINKlink is a new term in the crypto market in which people can buy stakes in this cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized platform where people can play games and earn money. The platform is also crafted in a way that people can socialize across different blockchains. Before investing in this coin you will have to do some research work. Unlike any other currency, you will find very little information about this platform and currency as it is relatively new. The name of the owner is still not revealed yet. 

Due to the shortage of information, we found it difficult to accumulate details. However, we have tried to research our way. This article is the by-product of that. Here we will share updated and comprehensive details about WINKLink.

If you understand the value of the crypto market and want to invest, you can scroll through the article. Here We will discuss where and how you can invest in WINK crypto.

What Is WINK Crypto?

WINK crypto is another similar cryptocurrency with different features. This currency is formerly known as TronBet. It is a gaming platform where you can play games and socialize with others. 

Where To Buy WINK Crypto

In this decentralized platform which is called WINKLink, WIN is its native token. In the beginning, it worked on two blockchain technology – Binance and Trone. This little-known crypto is supported by Justine Sun, founder of Trone from the beginning. So, there are rumors that it is his other product. From the founder’s side, there is no detailed information about the project. However, from some tweets, we have gathered. It is an oracle project which bridges the gap between reality and the virtual world. 

When the platform was started, it has a total of 999 billion coins. At the end of January 2022, almost 961 billion currency was circulated in the market. It shows the popularity of the currency.

Where To Buy WINK Crypto?

Within 2 months of the introduction of the currency in the market, Binance first enlisted the currency in their platform. However, right now almost 30 platforms have enlisted the currency. Where you should buy it from?  If that question bothers you, we have the solution.

We have already discussed the vagueness of the currency but we have studied some of the expert’s predictions. Most of them depict that the investment should be done after a lot of research. 

As it is based on the gaming platform, it has some advantages. However, the deepest plunges have been seen so far. Our article can help you to get some clear thoughts. here we will share 5 platforms where you can invest.


Binance is probably the very first name that comes to your mind when someone talks about crypto investment. This was also the very first platform that enlisted the WINK crypto. So you can buy it from here.

To trade in the currency, you need to have an account on Binance. If you have already an account here you can directly go to the dashboard. You also need to have fiat money in your account only then, you will be able to buy the coin. however, if you are new to Binance, the verification process will take some to process your transaction.


Coinbase is also a significantly known name for buying crypto. From our study and research, we have found that most people search WINK crypto here. It also comes under the most well-known crypto buying platforms and thus it might be disappointing for you if you are searching for it. However, Coinbase does not sell WINK crypto but soon enough we can see the listing of WINK coin on its exchange. 


We found this platform very useful for beginners. If you go to the platform for the very first time, you will find it easy to access. They have given information about WINK coins and the price chart.

You need to create an account there to get full access. What we found interesting is their presentation. They have charted all comprehensively. They have stated all the information in the impressive market section. Also, you can check the historical data of WINK crypto here. It will help you to get a clear vision before investment.


You can also buy from crypto.com as it as being one of the preferred platforms by the users. The platform is also user-friendly just like any other crypto platform. You will get all the insights about WINK crypto here. 

They have different fiat and cryptocurrency options that you can avail them. After logging in to the website, you can buy and trade WINK crypto. With the converter available on the website where you can see the whole chart.

Pros And Cons

WINK crypto was founded in October 2020 based on gaming blockchain technology. The founders have not revealed much about the project and its future goals and thus it seems uncertain about where it will stand in the next 5 years.

The cryptocurrency experts also stated some incomplete statements about its pros and cons. According to some of them, WINK can be a potential coin to stake. As it is based on a gaming platform, it is always a positive side. Gaming can change the whole market in the future as per the experts.

On the contrary, some of the experts have also not absolutely sure about its pumps. They have stated that gaming can be also a drawback for them. As it is only based on games that make it more limited. You can see other cryptos like Bitcoins or Ethereum, they are not limited to a single concept. That is why it can plunge deeply.

Why Should You Buy WINK Crypto?

In this article, we have already mentioned a lot about WINK crypto. Now the question comes that should you buy WINK crypto or not. According to our research, this currency has a good potential to make you a millionaire. The road map for the future project is not very clear by the founders but the predictions tell different stories. 

Buying this crypto can be risky but it can give you many amounts, you hardly think of. Suppose, you have invested an amount in a thousand and the return comes in tens of thousands, will it be enough to return for you? It can be but some of the predictions say that it can return in millions as well. Such predictions fill the hope within us to buy the currency. There is also a rumor that Bill gates can buy a stake in this currency. If this happens, just hold your savings for it.

However, here we want to make something absolutely clear. As you know gambling is a lurking business where people are being played with tricks. Here we want to suggest you not get overwhelmed after such news. You should do your research work before buying the stake. As per our expertise, you can invest 0.05% to 0.10% of your portfolio.

Conclusion On Where To Buy WINK Crypto

WINK crypto is the product of the WINKLink Platform which comes under oracle Nods. This gaming and socializing platform can give you good money if you invest them strategically. Right now the popularity of the currency is high but the vagueness keeps the currency behind others.

Being the gaming platform makes it more restricted as per the experts. If it plunges deeply, it will take time to recover, unlike other cryptos. However, experts are very hopeful about WINK crypto as its return can be more than 10x. We hope this article assisted you to understand where you can buy WINK cryptos. You can choose any platform among them.

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