BigOne Exhange Review

BigONE Exchange Review- A Singapore-Based Exchange!

Cryptocurrencies are emerging rapidly as a preferred choice by many. Users always look for the best crypto exchange platforms to store their currencies. However, it isn’t so easy to find a good platform with all the essential features. A platform that offers high security and a good trading experience is chosen by the users. In this article, we have discussed the BigONE Exchange Review.

We have given a detailed review of this exchange platform that will help you understand it better. Stay with us throughout the article, it will give you an idea of whether you want to choose BigONE exchange or not. So without further ado, let’s get started with the BigONE Exchange Review. 

What Is BigONE Exchange? 

BigONE is a Singapore-based exchange platform that was founded in 2017. It was registered in the Netherlands and is headquartered in China where all the business operations take place for maintaining and executing a smooth flow of systems. The platform is a crypto-to-crypto trading exchange which means along with buying and selling, the users can also trade cryptocurrencies. BigONE exchange follows the ethos of Integrity, Professionalism, Win-Win, and safety to provide its clients with the best experience in the market. 

BigOne Exhange Review

The exchange platform trades cryptocurrencies like BTC, EOS, ETH, BCH, etc. BigONE operates in different places including Vietnam, Brazil, Russia, Seychelles, etc. It is a multilingual platform and provides a user-friendly experience. Blockchain supports this exchange platform. It allows around 140 cryptocurrencies on its platform. It is the best platform to borrow, stake, purchase, sell, trade, invest, and store cryptos. BigONE has all the new features enabled that are beneficial for the users. The exchange provides various opportunities to earn. 

BigONE Exchange– At A Glance

Founded in2017
FeaturesUser Friendly, Supported by Blockchain
Supported Cryptocurrency150+
Supported Fiat CurrenciesYes
FeesBased on Currency & Payment Methods
Official Website

Features Of BigONE Exchange

Nowadays, there are many exchange platforms introduced with new features and uses. But opting for an exchange that allows every important feature is the best one to choose. When we talk about best exchanges the one that immediately comes to our mind is the BigONE exchange platform. BigONE Exchange is a rising platform that is new and runs anonymously. 

BigONE exchange is a good platform for users to trade, stake, and invest cryptos. With various new functions enabled on the platform, it becomes the best choice for many. However, before choosing you need to know the features of a particular platform. Below we have mentioned a few features of the BigONE exchange that might be helpful for you. 

  • The platform offers around 140 cryptocurrencies including big currencies like BTC, ETH, etc for trading and investing. 
  • The platform is user-friendly with its simple layout. It becomes easy and convenient for the customers to use. 
  • The exchange platform allows more than 140 tokens for spot trading. BTC, BCH, ETH, and EOS also support margin trading.
  • The platform allows a loan of 10000 USDT with an interest of 1 USDT
  • The exchange offers 14+ mining pool products to its users. With this, they can get the highest return in the industry
  • BigONE has perpetual futures that can leverage up to 100x
  • The platform is for buying and selling cryptocurrencies with high-security maintenance

Services Provided By BigONE Exchange

There are various services provided by this exchange that give the users immense liberty and convenience. Below we have mentioned some of the services provided by BigONE. 

1. Mobile apps 

Every exchange now offers mobile applications for trading and investing cryptos. BigONE also has advanced mobile applications for Android and iOS, so that it is convenient for the users to trade, stake, or invest anytime and anywhere with their smartphones.

2. Staking 

Staking is the latest and a good option to earn interest in your cryptos. BigONE exchange also supports staking but only for limited currencies. 

BigONE also provides several markets for trading. The market includes spot trading, futures, and margin trading.

3. Provides Learning Platform 

To do trading and stalking you need to analyze and understand the market position, effects, tactics, and many more. BigONE provides a learning platform for every user to access. It has manuals, guides, and tutorials to teach the customers.  

4. Let You Borrow 

Not many platforms give their users loans but BigONE gives. This platform allows the customers to borrow funds for trading. But you should be a registered user of the platform. The interest rate of the borrowed money depends on the amount and its period. 

5. Commission On Referrals 

BigONE gives a good amount of commission rebate to its users for referrals. It is a good way to earn from this platform by referring to friends, family, colleagues, etc. 

Pros And Cons Of BigONE Exchange 

Here we will list some of the pros and cons of the BigONE exchange to give you an idea. Knowing both positive and negative aspects of this platform will further help you in your decision. 


  • More than 100 currencies for trading 
  • Allow borrowing cryptocurrencies 
  • User-friendly experience
  • Multilingual platform
  • Has its own BigONE token 
  • Multiple markets 


  • Not available in the U.S 
  • The customer verification process is lengthy


BigONE Exchange: Fees 

BigOne Exchange charges fees for each order placed by a user. It basically changes flat fees, which means both takers and makers pay an equal amount of fees, i.e 0.20%. For contract trading, the takers have to pay 0.06% and makers pay 0.02%. These fees are according to the industry prices or even lower than that. BigONE also has five membership levels, the higher the level you reach, the less the fees you have to pay. The BigONE Exchange charges a withdrawal fee of 0.0005 BTC per withdrawal which is lower than the industry prices. 

BigOne Exhange Review-Fee

BigONE Exchange: Security

This platform is known for its high level of security. BigONE Exchange prioritizes security over everything for its customers. The purpose of the founders of this platform is to introduce an exchange that has effective security features to prevent cyber crimes and hacks in the crypto industry. BigONE uses both hot and cold wallets to secure currencies. The majority of the funds are kept in cold wallets and the remaining are in hot wallets for trading. 

It also uses the Know Your Customer (KYC) method to safeguard the platform from fraud users and maintain its authenticity. The next security measure used by BigONE is two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to other accounts. It requires the owner’s permission to get access to the account. With these safety methods, the exchange platform maintains and protects its user’s private funds and information. 

Final Take On BigONE Exchange Review

With the growing crypto world, you can also see the introduction of several new platforms with a huge variety of features and functions. But choosing an exchange platform requires thorough research to ensure the safety of your funds along with having all the necessary features. BigONE exchange is a preferred platform by many people because of its new features, user-friendly interface, high level of security, and many more. It also provides various types of services that you will not get on other exchanges. 

We hope this article helped you to get an overview of the BigONE exchange platform. By reading the BigONE exchange review you can get a basic idea of the platform that will help you to make a decision. In the end, it depends on your preferences and what kind of exchange you want to get registered for. So choose wisely! 

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