How To Buy BCH (Bitcoin Cash) In Australia: Simple Guide [2022]

In this how to buy BCH (Bitcoin Cash) in Australia Guide, we will provide you with complete knowledge that is coming from our extensive research and sincere analysis of how to purchase BCH coin from the most secure exchange in Australia

It all started in 2017 with the disagreement on increasing the size of the Bitcoin Block above 1MB. It divided the Bitcoin community into two pieces. One of the communities was against the idea of increasing the size of Bitcoin’s block and the other one was in the favor.

Bitcoin Cash token saw daylight with the increment in the bitcoin’s size’s Block. Since its birth, Bitcoin Cash has gained a great reputation because of the support of many Crypto enthusiasts. 

Keep digging into this article until you come up with a reason to buy the Bitcoin Cash token. 

Buy BCH (Bitcoin Cash) In Australia

How To Buy BCH (Bitcoin Cash) In Australia–Quick Guide

Bitcoin Cash is the updated token of Bitcoin. It is faster and more secure, charges a lower transaction fee, and is simpler than Bitcoin. You can buy it on almost every platform in Australia and the world. Like many crypto exchanges, Binance in Australia provides secure methods to buy Bitcoin Cash coins. 

Visit the official website of the Binance crypto exchange
◾ Here on the website, create an account
◾ Then you will have to go through the KYC
◾ Enter all the information required for the KYC
◾ Sign in to your account and find Cardona
◾ Now you can buy the BCH by adding the funds to your wallet. 

After following these steps in the right way, the scope of causing any technical error is reduced drastically. Make sure to follow all the digital hygiene habits to secure your online transactions. 

Where To Buy BCH (Bitcoin Cash) In Australia

Buying Bitcoin Cash in Australia is not a daunting process. It requires some simple steps, basic technical knowledge of the transactions, and well-performed research. Many notable cryptocurrency exchanges allow their users to buy, sell and hold Bitcoin Cash tokens.

In this How to Buy BCH (Bitcoin Cash) in the Australia guide, we will deal with the three well-known cryptocurrency exchanges. These are as follows.

Buy Bitcoin Cash On KuCoin

KuCoin in the crypto industry is one of the major and well-known crypto trading and holding. KuCoin In Australia is one of the growing crypto exchanges that offers reliability, security, and protection.

It permits users to trade on over 600 cryptocurrency assets and it is spread over 200 countries. KuCoin allows its users to buy, trade, and sell Bitcoin Cash. You will have to go through the registration and identity verification process before clicking on the Buy Button.

For you to buy coins, it accepts over 70 payment methods. Australian users can now buy it using the Fiat currency (AUD). or using PayPal and credit/debit cards. 

Buy Bitcoin Cash On Digital Surge

Digital Surge is a platform in Australia allowing its users to trade on its simplified space at an affordable fee. With premium support and multi-layered security, Digital Surge permits users to learn and earn in a hassle-free way.

It keeps all the activities and fees transparent to its users. There are so many in Australia to buy Bitcoin Cash tokens, but with the Digital Surge, it becomes easier and more transparent. To buy Bitcoin Cash on Digital Surge, you need an account on Digital surge.

Still, it recommends you perform your research before buying Bitcoin Cash token from it. You can deposit an amount for which you will buy Bitcoin Cash using PayID. In the step, click on the ‘Buy Bitcoin Cash’ button.

Buy Bitcoin Cash On Binance

Binance, as most crypto traders know, is one of the most rooted crypto exchanges in the world. It could expand its branches successfully worldwide because of the user-friendly, intuitive interface and its lower trading fees.

For beginners, it is one of the most suitable platforms for crypto trading and holding. It allows trading in over 600 virtual assets with ease and high-tech security.

The procedure to purchase a Bitcoin Cash coin on Binance is like the purchase of the rest of the crypto assets. It involves account opening in the first step and identity verification in the second. The third step is about funding your account to buy the Bitcoin Cash.

Ways Of Buying BCH (Bitcoin Cash)

Before getting into step by step procedure of how to buy For your ease, every crypto exchange in Australia or outside is allowing you to buy using various payment modes of transactions. These payment methods can be PayPal, Bank transfers, credit or debit cards, PayID, and more. KuCoin itself accepts over 70 payment methods.

Buy BCH (Bitcoin Cash) With Paypal

As payment methods, there are so many crypto exchanges that accept PayPal in the realm of Australia or worldwide. Such as KuCoin. Still, several crypto exchanges do not allow their users to buy coins using PayPal.

These include Binance and Digital Surge as well. Digital Surge accepts payments with PayID to buy Bitcoin Cash and altcoins. In KuCoin, you can buy Binance Cash using your PayPal account.

For it to happen, KuCoin requires you to sign up with your phone number and email address followed by an identity verification process. PayPal also provides timely offers for Australian users that you can avail of while transacting through PayPal on different crypto exchanges. 

Buy BCH (Bitcoin Cash) With A Credit Card/Debit Card

Credit and debit cards have now become the new Normal for transactions. We did not fund anyone saying about any exchange that it does not accept payments with credit or debit cards.

Most of the crypto platforms that are said to be an exchange receive payments via debit or credit cards belonging to Visa and MasterCards. In Binance you can buy Bitcoin Cash directly using these E-payments cards.

Otherwise, on Binance to buy Bitcoin Cash tokens from the bank transfers, it asks you to buy stable coins first and convert them into Bitcoin Cash later.

BCH (Bitcoin Cash) Price And Prediction

Because of its volatile nature, Bitcoin Cash or any other virtual currency is unpredictable. We do only guess at making the price prediction and value of any digital asset on behalf of its history, behavior, and pattern.

Bitcoin Cash operates in the same technology and system on Bitcoin does. Bitcoin Cash caught fire early in its development and showed a high price rise. In the year 2022, Bitcoin cash has expected to fluctuate between $490 and $545.

At present, Bitcoin is fluctuating around $375. For, gaining profit through Bitcoin Cash, a constant eye is required on the daily price range. However, if you are looking out for a long-term investment in the token then patience is the key as the price drops and hikes may urge you to change your stance in the long run. 

Benefits Of Buying BCH (Bitcoin Cash)?

Bitcoin Cash coins in 2017 grew as the updated Bitcoin. Before its development, some developers were against the increasing size of the Bitcoin block. Which already had reached 1MB. Developers in the favor of increasing the block size increased it to 32 MB.

One reason for buying Bitcoin Cash is the increased size, through which faster transactions are possible. Bitcoin Cash is much simpler, faster, lower in fee, and more secure than Bitcoin. You can send money anywhere in the world at a negligible fee.

Bitcoin Cash is more private and anonymous than the altcoins in use. Hence, if you are living in Australia and thinking about buying BCH then it could hold a sizeable portion of your portfolio. 

Risks Of Buying BCH (Bitcoin Cash)?

Bitcoin Cash came into existence as the alternative to Bitcoin ( its parent asset) because Bitcoin was not making a greater impact in the crypto industry because of its high mining fee and slow transaction rate.

To avoid this, Bitcoin Cash saw the light using Bitcoin’s technology. The technology at which the Bitcoin works consumes much power, which results in harmful effects on the ecosystem. So Bitcoin Cash does. Another risk that traders may face is security.

Bitcoin cash fast transacts the payments because of its increased block size. So traders can be concerned about the safety of their coins.

How To Buy Bitcoin Cash In Australia?

Below are the several ways that you can walk upon to reach the Buy button of any crypto exchange. We will deal with the Binance in this article to show you a sample guide. While following these steps make sure that your use all the other privacy measures which are suggested by the security experts. 

Choose An Exchange That Sells BCH (Bitcoin Cash)

This is the very first and most important step toward knowing How To Buy BCH (Bitcoin Cash) In Australia. Choosing an exchange for you to trade successfully and profitability.

Before deciding to use any exchange, you must be sure about it. Your exchange plays an essential role in trading and every aspect concerned with it

Binance Exchange Australia

We will choose Binance in this article to depict to you how easy it is to buy Bitcoin Cash on Binance.

Create And Verify Your Account

After you have selected the cryptocurrency, exchange what you need is opening an account here. In Binance you can sign up with your mobile number and email address in use. Now, the Binance software will lead you to the identity verification page.


Here on this page verification of your name and the credentials you entered to sign up will take place. Correctly complete it, otherwise, you will be restricted from using the exchange. Once the account is created you can proceed toward adding some funds to your Binance crypto wallet. 

Fund Your Account

As you have now completed the account verification process, you need to deposit an amount to buy the Bitcoin Cash. On Binance, you can deposit the desired amount using two payment methods available.


For depositing amounts from the Banks, Binance will ask you to buy the stable coins first, which you can convert into Bitcoin Cash later. Or, you can directly fund your account using debit or credit cards. They only use Visa and MasterCards on Binance as E-payment cards. 


Now, when every step is accomplished, you can take further steps which are nearer to trading. Now only you need to complete the buying process by clicking on the ‘Buy Bitcoin Cash.

buy BCH on Binance

This is how quick and easy these steps are to build your empire in the crypto industry. We again suggest you do your complete analysis before landing on any crypto exchange. because crypto exchange matters.

Best Wallet To Keep Your BCH (Bitcoin Cash)

Knowing How To Buy BCH (Bitcoin Cash) In Australia is simple but how to store your coins is the biggest concern of time. Traders sometimes end up losing their assets because they leave their assets on Blockchain networks.

Blockchain, though, is the highly secure network that has been ever. Despite that, traders get manipulated by scammers and hackers. For you to store your assets, wallets are needed. Which can be hot or cold. That is all up to you. Which one do you prefer?

SafePal S1

SafePal S1 can be the right choice for you if you are concerned about your safety and protection. Its useful features and protective shields grant high-tech protection to your assets.

Safepal S1 Wallet

Safepal S1 hardware wallet comes with a 1-year warranty and 24/7 community support. For the global free shipping service, you can purchase 2 wallets. $14 shipping charges add to $49, the cost of the wallet.  Delivery can take up to 20 days.

How To Sell BCH (Bitcoin Cash) 

Selling Bitcoin Cash is as simple as buying Bitcoin Cash BCH on Binance. It does not let you go into any trouble. To sell your assets, you can use its peer-to-peer trading option. Binance peer-to-peer or P2P trading directly connects you with a buyer. Whom you can sell your assets with the Binance protection. 

You need to follow the steps mentioned below to complete the selling of your BCH to AUD

  1. You need to sign in to your Binance 
  2. No, go to ‘My investment’ section
  3. Here you would need to select BCH
  4. Click on the button ‘Sell’ at the bottom of the screen
  5. Now enter the number of BCH that you are willing to sell in exchange for AUD 
  6. Move forward with the selling and confirm the transaction. 

Now you have your funds in your Binance wallet that you have added in by converting your BCH to AUD. 

How To Buy BCH (Bitcoin Cash) In Australia: Conclusion

In this How to buy BCH (Bitcoin Cash) in Australia guide, we have tried to gather complete information that backs our extensive research and critical analysis. What we want from you is that you should not avoid your responsibility of collecting the information and filtering out the fallacies from it.

Take care of the risks involved and reduce the risk factors as much as you can to trade successfully. Your every step is crucial for successful trading. You can use Binance if it suits you. Land on the official websites of the exchanges we have provided above.

If you are a beginner, try to be aware of the trading rules and essentials before you set yourself into any cryptocurrency exchange.

We hope that this how to buy BCH in Australia guide will help you to decide which crypto exchange will be more suitable for your needs and how you can secure your assets with the help of hardware wallets. 

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