How To Buy ETC (Ethereum Classic) In Australia – Easy Guide For Aussies

Are you in search of an article that tells you complete information regarding how to buy ETC (Ethereum Classic) in Australia? If yes, then you are at the right destination. First of all, you should not be confused between ETC(Ethereum Classic) and ETH(Ethereum), even though ETC and ETH were the same at one time but not anymore. 

ETC is a decentralized application based on blockchain which is used to exchange money, cryptocurrency, property, and anything else that has value. This platform runs on Smart Contracts (Smart contracts is a type of program which runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a collection of codes and data.). ETC was created by Vitalik Buterin in July 2016. 

Now, we will discuss how you can buy ETC in Australia and will inform you about the advantages and disadvantages of buying it. So let’s start.

Buy ETC (Ethereum Classic) In Australia

How To Buy ETC (Ethereum Classic) In Australia – Quick Guide

Before we dive right into the pool of information regarding the ETC blockchain token, let’s take a look at the process by which we can buy ETC from the leading crypto exchange in Australia, Binance Crypto Exchange. Follow the steps given below to buy ETC from Binance.
Register yourself on the Binance’s official website
◾ Complete the process of KYC by sharing the right information
◾ Once done search for the ‘ETC’ token in the search bar of the exchange 
◾ Click on ETC and select the Buy option
◾ Enter the amount that you want to buy
◾ Finish the transaction by paying from your wallet funds 

This is one of the most simple processes of buying ETC from Binance without the need to go through any hassle.

Where To Buy ETC (Ethereum Classic) In Australia

Choosing the right exchange for trading or investing ETC could be the dealbreaker for the user in the long run as it is the foundation of the user experience.

If you are not having a great experience while trading then there has to be some problem with the exchange, hence, choosing the right platform is a must. This segment of the article will help you with that. 

Buy Ethereum Classic Coin On Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the leading exchanges in the market when it comes to the crypto exchanges and was founded way back in 2012 in SanFrancisco. Coinbase has different USPs for different regions but it could be a good choice for those users who are wondering how to buy ETC in Australia, as it follows all the regulations mentioned by the Aussie government.

Coinbase has a low trading fee that competes with that of Binance while also it also entertains staking features for those who are willing to earn interest on their assets.

A wide range of tokens are supported by Coinbase and ETC is one of them. Hence, Coinbase has made it to our list of preferred exchanges to buy ETC in Australia. 

Buy Ethereum Classic Coin On eToro

Coming to the second exchange on the list is one of the oldest exchanges in the market, eToro. eToro was founded in UK and today gives its services in almost all countries of the world and also has an astounding userbase in Australia as well.

One of the key highlights of eToro is that all of the assets stored with eToro are safe and ensured by universal insurance, hence in case of any mishappening all the money of the investors will be safe. It also has advanced social trading features along with being a multi-asset training platform.

If you are looking out for an exchange that has unconventional features and allows you to buy ETC in Australia then eToro could be the right fit for you. 

Buy Ethereum Classic Coin On Binance

Finally, we are coming the market leader in the industry of crypto exchange market. With a wide variety of advanced trading features in its backpack, Binance is one of the platforms that has become the back of crypto trading in almost all the major countries.

With a competitive fee that can be boasted to be the lowest in the market, Binance is still the finest choice for those investors who do not want to spend a fortune on the fee alone. 

Binance offers support for almost all the major coins in the market and developing to become a new NFT market as well. Hence, if you are wondering whether to go for Binance to buy ETC in Australia or skip it, we advise you to go for it due to the long list of its features. 

Ways Of Buying ETC (Ethereum Classic)

Before knowing how to Buy ETC (Ethereum Classic) In Australia, let’s discuss some ways through with we can buy Ethereum Classis tokens.

There are different ways of buying ETC on different trading exchanges but the most common ways of buying ETC in Australia are still by credit/debit cards or PayPal. In this segment of the list, we are going to discuss both of these ways of buying ETC in Australia. 

Buy ETC With Paypal

Paypal is a mode of payment or a payment gateway to receive or send payments over the internet securely, safely, and without the fear of losing your money. Paypal is the single largest payment gateway in the world that is accountable for almost 22% of all internet transactions in the world.

A whopping 87% of all the international traders use PayPal with an average retention rate being the highest in the market. PayPal Australia offers different cashback offers to those users who are using their services and could be a fine choice for those investors who are already using PayPal for a while. 

Buy ETC With Credit Card/Debit Card

If you are not using PayPal, there is nothing to worry about as the most common way of transaction in the world still goes to the very familiar credit cards and debit cards.

There are various reasons for using credit cards and debit cards while buying the ETC in Australia and some of them include better purchasing power, more security, and a better user experience that accounts for no hassle during your crypto purchases.

Most of the users are preferring to use credit cards and debit cards for crypto transactions but some of the exchanges do not support them as of now, hence, if you are planning to use cards for paying for your coin purchases then make sure that you are choosing the right platform according to that.  

ETC (Ethereum Classic) Price And Prediction

Like any other crypto present in the market predicting the price for the ETC will be nothing more than a blind shot as the prices of these currencies change drastically even at the smallest of the incidences. But knowing the background and the present scenarios in the market about the crypto could make a difference. 

As per the present market calculations and the prices the ETC is supposed to reach new heights only till 2025 and in triple digits by 2030 which is a long-term investment and that too beneficial only if all the present market predictions go right. 

Benefits Of Buying ETC (Ethereum Classic) Token

There could be many reasons for a person to buy ETC in present market scenarios. Some of the users might want to trade on the changing prices and look for an extremely short-term trade. However, some other users will be willing to buy it as long-term investments.

ETC is a completely decentralized and open-source blockchain token that is known for its fast transactions. With a market cap of over $3,970,500,677.40, ETC is one of the strongest altcoins in the market.

The major benefits of buying ETC include its credibility due to the offshoot of Ethereum and reliability in transactions. Other reasons can also be its strong backing and loyal userbase. 

Risks Of Buying ETC (Ethereum Classic) Token

After discussing the benefits of the blockchain, now is the time to read more about the risks involved in the process of buying ETC and whether it is worth taking the risk. Such a high market capitalization and steady growth and not too many fluctuations in this currency make it an ideal state for not-so-risky token.

The userbase that has been holding and staking ETC is only getting better with the hope that ETC will cross the $50 mark soon and with this faith, it probably will somewhere in 2024 to market experts.

The risk involved could be some major failure in the backend of the project which will push the investors to draw back their money but that could happen with almost any asset in the market. As per our understanding of the market, ETC is still a low-risk token. 

Once we know about all the aspects of ETC now is the time to discuss some of the steps which need to be followed to make sure that ETC reaches your wallet safely. These steps are elaborated on in detail. 

Complete Step-By-Step Procedure To Buy ETC (Ethereum Classic) In Australia

Now we know the benefits and risks of buying ETC tokens and now its time to learn how to buy Ethereum Classic tokens in Australia from an exchange

Choose An Exchange That Sells ETC (Ethereum Classic)

One of the most critical aspects of buying ETC is choosing the right platform for buying it as it can change the entire user experience from a smooth one to a trashy one. Selecting the crypto exchange might sound like an easy task but doing it actually can be really complicated without the right information at your disposal.

For the context of this article are choosing Binance Crypto Exchange because of its humongous userbase and universal relevance.

Binance Exchange Australia

Binance is an exchange that accounts for the majority of the crypto transactions in the crypto world. 

Create And Verify Your Account

Now once we have decided on the exchange to trade in we have to create an account over the exchange and to do that we have to register on their official website. Once that is done we have to verify our identity through the regular KYC processes and provide all the legal information required as per Australian guidelines.


Once your KYC process gets approved from the end of the Binance crypto exchange then you’d be able to access your account and get on with the further process of adding funds to your account to start trading. 

Fund Your Account

Here comes one of the most crucial steps of trading and that is nothing but adding funds to your wallet in Binance. These funds are going to be the bases of your trades and automate the process of paying for your assets. Follow the steps mentioned below to make sure that you are adding funds to the wallet in the right way. 

  1. Go to your Binance funds and from there click to add funds. 
  2. Now select the amount that you want to add to your account
  3. Now is the time to select the mode of payment
  4. Once you select the mode of payment, finish the transactions over the third-party servers. 
  5. Once the transactions will be successful all the funds will be added to your wallet. 

Buy ETC Tokens

Now is the time to start buying the currency that you have been reading about for so long. ETC is one of the popular currencies in the market and thus can be found on almost all of the exchanges. The process of buying ETC from Binance is as follows. 

Buying ETC
  1. Go to the Binance search bar and search for the ETC
  2. Now you need to click on Buy Now button
  3. Fill in the number of tokens that you want to buy 
  4. Once done entering the amount, you will have to proceed with the payments. 
  5. Once the amount will be deducted from your Binance wallet, assets will be added to your account

Using the simples mentioned above even a new investor can start trading with Binance with ease. 

Best Wallet To Keep Your ETC (Ethereum Classic)

Now you have learned how to buy ETC (Ethereum Classic) in Australia, the next step is the crucial one that every crypto investor should do, storing your private keys in a safe and secure place so that no one can access them. what you need to do is to invest in a safe and reliable hardware wallet. 

Safepal S1 Hardware Wallet

Safepal S1 is one such hardware wallet that works on the principle of isolating your crypto asset private keys from the internet to make sure that all the keys are stored in remote and reliable storage with you rather than a third-party client.

Safepal S1 Wallet

This $50 AUD hardware wallet comes with advanced security features that include 256-bit encryption, and a non-interactive signature protocol. Safe S1 comes with one year of extensive warranty along with 24/7 customer support that is always there to help you with any problem you might face. Safe S1 also includes multi-layer security sensors and a self-destruction mechanism. 

How To Sell ETC (Ethereum Classic) In Australia 

The process of selling ETC at Binance and cashing ETC to AUD is not complicated and can be done within a few minutes. Binance is a P2P selling platform and thus makes things fairly simple. To convert your ETC to AUD, follow the steps mentioned below. 

  1. On the Binance website or mobile application, go to my investment section
  2. Find your investments, and click on ETC
  3. Find the sell button and click on it
  4. Put the amount that you want to sell to convert your ETC to AUD
  5. Once done click on sell and your cryptos will be sold and funds will be added back to your wallet. 

How To Buy ETC (Ethereum Classic) In Australia – Conclusion

After reading this much about ETC and its present market position we can conclude with the fact that ETC is one of the long-term investment tokens for Australians that has the potential to grow over time.

Buying ETC from Binance is one such exchange that makes trading not-so-complicated tasks for novice customers and on the other hand, equips the advanced traders with all the tools that they might need with their trading automation strategies.

In this guide on How To buy ETC (Ethereum Classic) in Australia, we tried to deliver a value of information to our readers and we hope it would add layers to your understanding of ETC. 

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