How To Buy Crypto In Bitmart

How To Buy Crypto In Bitmart?- Buy From The Most Trusted Crypto Exchange Platform!

Trading in crypto has become a natural phenomenon nowadays. People talk about it a lot. The payoff of crypto is also well known to people. However, the volatility of the markets cannot be ignored.

You can hardly get a lot of Information about crypto and their trading process that is reliable and correct. This leads to spreading misconceptions and wrong moves in trading crypto. An expert can tell you all the processes in a better and simplified way. However, you can do research on your own. This article can assist you in finding new data that will explain how to buy crypto in Bitmart. You probably feel baffled before buying crypto regarding the exchanges. Here, we help people by sharing our researched data. In this article, we will talk about the Bitmart exchange and its native token.

In 2021, Bitmart had to face a hacking attack. Around $200 million amount has been theft.  This incident has questioned its security and safety. However, the CEO of Bitmart, Sheldon Xia, tweeted to return all the theft amount to the users.

Now the question comes whether you should buy from Bitmart. How much risk do you have to bear if you work with the exchange? To know all these answers, let’s dive deep into the article and all your queries will be cleared. 

What Is Bitmart?

How To Buy Crypto In Bitmart

Sheldon Xia founded the platform in 2017 and he is the present CEO of Bitmart. This exchange allows the users to trade in digital currencies. Bitmart has been ranked under the top 10 exchanges. You will be able to deal with fiat currencies like USD, EUR, etc, and also digital currencies ( Bitcoin, Ethereum).

Initially, Sheldon Xia founded the platform on Cayman island. Now they are in China, South Korea, and the US. with approx  5.5 million users in volume, they are now working in 180 countries. Their native token Bitmart crypto has been enlisted across 123 platforms and become a huge hit.

In the beginning, the exchange did not get much exposure. The growth was slow for the exchange. To ease the competition, they keep developing themselves. Bitmart crypto has registered itself with MSB for users’ trust and safety.

Features Of Bitmart

Bitmart has made itself one of the most trusted and user-friendly exchanges. The reasons are hidden in their features. People visit this website because of its genuine features. Here we will share some of them.

User-Friendly Experience

The popularity of the platform raised with its easily accessible experience. Their comprehensible features will guide a beginner to understand everything. On the other hand, an advanced level user can access their advanced features. 

They allow people to buy and sell digital assets with Mastercard, Apple pay, Paypal, Visa, etc.

Fees structure

The fee structure of the platform is quite astounding. Their strategy is different here. Bitmart exchange does not charge for deposits. Their minimal withdrawal charge encircles around 0.25%. People find this exchange useful as its trading charge is lower than other exchanges.

According to some experts, Bitmart’s fee structure is commendable. It helps them to grow.


Security can be a real considering point. Bitmart exchange has focused on this part too. They operated the Cold and hot storage with multi-signature technologies. Apart from that, they have deployed other security systems. IP address detection and monitoring have been on their security priority list.

The users, deploy two-factor authentication security. This prevents unauthorized logging into the exchange. However, In 2021 hacking into this platform raised some questions about security.

The Interface

Trading crypto can be a hectic task for beginners. The heavy technical terms can amplify the agony. Bitmart crypto understands that and it reflects on their approach. They have made a clear and easy-to-read interface. Even a beginner can use the exchange without any complications.

Account Registration

The registration process is easy and any beginner can use it. They provide a two-step verification process for registration. In these steps, you need to provide a government-issued Id. they also go through the facial verification.

Customer service

Bitmart exchange has a different range of customer services with live chats, support tickets, and a support center. With different features, Bitmart has been a favorite for various crypto users. But the hacking blunder lowers its reputation in the market. Many users find it difficult to withdraw after that event which eventually plunges their rating to 3.5 in Trust Pilot.

How To Buy Crypto On Bitmart?

In this segment, we will explain how to buy crypto on Bitmart using simple steps. Apart from that Bitmart token or BMX is the native coin of the Bitmart exchange that can also be bought from Bitmart. It came into the market in 2018. However, you can buy BMX from different platforms as well. 

  1. Create a Bitmart account
  2. Complete the KYC if it is required by your country’s laws
  3. Add funds to your Bitmarwallet
  4. Select the crypto that you want to buy
  5. Enter the amount that you want to buy from that cryptocurrency
  6. Finish the purchase by completing the transaction

This is how you can complete the purchase from the Bitmart crypto exchange. The process might be a bit long in the starting but once it is set up, it is not that difficult every time. 

Why Should You Invest In Bitmart?

Bitmart has been considered one of the most trusted exchanges so far. We have studied all its features and records. This exchange seems pretty transparent and user-friendly. We have already discussed its features.

The hacking blunder has already made a bad reputation raising skeptical thoughts before buying or staking on this platform. This is also understandable. 

Talking about BMX, there are certain points you can consider before buying it. Trading BMX with other currencies on this platform can be profitable. Bitmart exchange will not cut any costs. apart from that, their repurchase mechanism that takes out 20% of the trading fee, makes it more profitable. 

If the question is asked now should anyone invest in Bitmart crypto, the answer might be vague. From the beginning, the platform was doing good and tier sole purpose was to be the one and only solution for all crypto transactions. As per our research, their records are pretty good. 

The hacking event shook its base but it is gaining back its reputation. As we all know about the volatility of the market. It is very much advised to our readers to make some market research before investing in any platforms.

Conclusion On How To Buy Crypto In Bitmart

Sheldon Xia crafted this platform for some good purpose. He wanted to make it one step solution for crypto users. Their growth has been commendable. The well-built strategy reflects their success. This platform is easy to use for its customers. Their non-complicated language attracts more and more users. A beginner also can trade from their platform. However, their advanced services are also pretty good. 

The low-cost strategy shows their intellectual marketing. People can easily trade and buy from this platform. Also, their registration process is quite amazing. It is more user-friendly and secure. Their two-step verification prevents any unauthorized login. Also, their Cold and hot storage come under tight security. However, large-scale hacking does not justify the security system. Nowadays, people also invest in this platform as it can make amplified earnings to the customers.

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