How To Buy ElonGate In Australia: Complete Guide[2022]

Are you in search of a detailed guide that tells you complete step-by-step procedures to buy ElonGate in Australia? Then this guide is for you.

As ElonGate is a coin that is not accessible to most of the cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry, you can not buy it directly on any cryptocurrency trading exchange. Buying ElonGate requires more steps than any of the digital currencies available in the market. 

It all started with Elon Musk’s tweet in which he requested people to give a name for any scandal as ‘Elongate’ if it ever takes place against him in the future. After 3-4 hours of this tweet, blockchain developers developed a coin and gave it the name ElonGate. 

The ElonGate coin is a meme coin and its value rose after Elon Musk’s tweet about cryptocurrency. For a fast and secure purchase of ElonGate in Australia, you can buy ElonGate from BitMart.

Buy ElonGate In Australia

You can Buy ElonGate from BitMart by paying in Bitcoin, Ether, or Tether. In this ‘How to buy ElonGate in Australia 2022 guide, we will provide complete information from scratch to help you guys make the purchase easy. 

How To Buy ElonGate in Australia -Quick Guide

One can not buy ElonGate coins easily in Australia or across borders. To buy ElonGate token, you will need to go through the various steps and the platforms that allow trade on it in Australia. With the help of CoinSpot and BitMart, you can buy ElonGate crypto easily, with no delay.
Below is the roadmap that will lead you to buy ElonGate tokens. By following the instructions down below, you can save yourself from getting into any additional hassle. 
Visit the official website of CoinSpot.
◾ Enter your phone number and email address on the Sign-up page.
◾ Sign-up on CoinSpot.
◾ Purchase the Tether (USDT) 
Store it in the wallet.
Visit the Official website of BitMart.
Sign-up on BitMart.
Send Tether (USDT) to the BitMart account.
Swap it with the ElonGate crypto.
Store your ElonGate tokens in the Trust wallet.

In the article ahead we will inspect and explain in detail the two trading platforms and the steps above in this ‘How to Buy ElonGate in Australia 2022’ Guide. There may be some other ways too of buying ElonGate tokens in the market, but you can stick to these two exchanges and follow the instructions to make the transaction seamless.

Where To Buy Elongate Crypto

As we mention earlier ElonGate crypto cannot be purchased from most of the crypto exchanges. At present, it’s available only on the Bitsmart crypto exchange. You can purchase an ElonGate coin by swapping Tether (USDT).

Bitmart crypto exchange

Buy Tether On CoinSpot

CoinSpot is not only a cryptocurrency exchange, but offers other useful services too, as we have pointed out above. Its easy-to-use features and user-friendly interface bring CoinSpot in the contrast and differentiates it from the competitive trading exchanges.

It offers trading services for over 360 crypto coins along with its security features. CoinSpot’s intuitive attributes make trading and various other services smooth and reliable to use. Coinspot’s customer support team reaches you within minutes when you knock for help. 

To trade on CoinSpot, you need to open an account on it. You can create an account with your phone number and email address. In order to make trade happen more easily and sustainably, CoinSpot allows users to monetize their trade and account from anywhere with its mobile application for both Android and iOS

It makes it easy to buy ElonGate crypto by offering customizable services to buy Tether (USDT). Below are the steps that you can walk upon to hit the ‘Buy Elongate’ button.


To create your account, you need to enter personal details on CoinSpot. Such as phone number and email address in use at present.

Verify Your Account

After the registration process, CoinSpot will lead you to its identity verification process. Where it will ask you to verify the details, you have entered.

Fund Your Account

You can buy Tether on CoinSpot by depositing AUD to your account through the various payment methods accepted here. Some of these are the direct deposit methods such as PayID, direct deposit, and POLi.

Buy thether on Coinspot

Buy Tether (USDT)

Hit the Buy Tether (USDT) button to proceed with your goal of buying an ElonGate coin. You can see your bought coin in the CoinSpot wallet.

To swap Tether (USDT) with ElonGate follow the steps mentioned below

Buy ElonGate On BitMart

BitMart is not always in trend, but it is popular because of the abundance of coins, earning features, and an easy-to-use platform. It is the beginner’s friendly, intuitive and hustle-free interface, offering its services worldwide.

Currently, it is permitting users to trade over 1000 crypto coins. Since 2017, it has offered services to over 9 Million users. It is spread around in 

180+ countries. It comes with a special feature named Crypto Launchpad, where it launches crypto for transformative projects. BitMart is trustworthy because of its reliability and security, accessible because of its smooth interface, and professional because of its earning features.

And yes, it permits trading in ElonGate. You can buy ElonGate in Australia by swapping Ether, Bitcoin, or Tether. 

Register Yourself

Before setting up yourself for trading, signing up is the first step. Enter your phone number and email address, and generate a strong password.

Verify Your Account

The details you will enter need verification for security‌. Get your phone number and email address verified. It may take a few minutes.

Transfer Your Asset To Bitmart

Once your account is verified you can transfer the assets which you have bought from CoinSpot to buy ElonGate on BitMart. Once the assets are transferred you can proceed toward buying ElonGate.

Buy Elongate Bitmart

Buy ElonGate

You need to go to the purchase page of ElonGate on Bitmart. You can now click on the Buy ElonGate switch and complete the process. After the confirmation of the transaction in Tether, you can either store it in the Trust Wallet or start a trade.

Benefits Of Buying Elongate 

Although the ElonGate coin started as a meme coin after the Elon Musk tweet, it has gained much popularity. ElonGate denotes a significant amount of transaction fee to charity and in building the gap between beginners and pro traders.

It jump-starts on Elon Musk’s tweet on cryptocurrency and shows a high price rise. The reasons for its price rise could change in the future but the stability in its prices could be achieved only after a certain period.

The major benefit of buying ElonGate tokens is that they could become a future medium of philanthropic activities and thus gain their real value. If you think ElonGate crypto could become a larger asset in the future than what it is today then you can invest in it for sure.  

Risks Of Buying Elongate 

You need to do extensive research before deciding to buy ElonGate in Australia. Research is a crucial part of investing, trading, and using any crypto exchange. The first risk in buying ElonGate coins could be the poor selection of the crypto exchange that can affect the entire user experience.

While the second one is that it rises when Elon Musk tweets about it but even then most people are not aware of this coin. This could become one of the risk factors and must be taken care of before starting to invest in ElonGate tokens.

Best Wallet To Keep Your Elongate Tokens 

Once you have your ElonGate tokens with you, you can choose to store them with your exchange or you can choose to store them in a personal wallet solution that will make your investments safe and store your encrypted private clouds.

These private keys can be accessed only by you which makes it a better option to keep your ElonGate coins.

Trust Wallet

Trust wallet is one such software wallet. It has gained the substantial trust it has gained‌ in the crypto industry. You can buy and sell NFTs and cryptocurrencies on the Trust wallet.

Trust Wallet

It has over 25 million users across the globe and accounts to be one of the largest crypto wallets in the world. You can buy and exchange tokens securely with your exchange using its trade features.

It comes with mobile applications for Android and iOS. Getting started on the Trust Wallet is easy and can be done within minutes.

How To Buy ElonGate In Australia: Conclusion

We have seen how you can buy ElonGate in Australia using CoinSpot and BitMart ElonGate coin is a meme coin as we are aware of it till now but there may be price predictions on the internet suggesting that you invest in ElonGate token because future it may become a significant coin for transactions in philanthropic activities.

Buying ElonGate tokens is not easy in Australia and thus we have tried our best to deliver value to the readers by providing them a value in terms of all the information that they will require to make the trade of ElonGate coins possible.

We hope that this guide will help you to take your decisions wisely and assist in different ways while planning to buy ElonGate coins in the future. 

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