How To Buy Chainlink (LINK) In Australia: Detailed Guide

In this how to buy Chainlink (LINK) in Australia guide, we will encompass a plethora of information and show the complete road map on how to buy Chainlink. For us, providing all the information in this article is as important as it is deciding for you to buy the Chainlink. LINK is a native coin of Chainlink.

Chainlink on the blockchain is the intermediary oracle that brings the off-data to the blockchain network to create a smart contract with the investor.

Oracle in ancient Greece was a place or person where people asked the God about Future and made their decisions. On the Blockchain network, Chainlink is performing the same role as a prophet did for the ancient Greeks. 

Many crypto enthusiasts are keeping their eyes on LINK since it hit the $52 in May 2021. Because of the high price predictions, LINK stimulates traders for investment. And the reason for its hype and success, as suggested by experts, is the system Chainlink on which it operates. 

How To Buy Chainlink (LINK) In Australia

LINK chain is the very first oracle service provider which connects Blockchain with the external world. It brings the Off-chain data to the Blockchain and establishes smart contracts with the investors. The LINK chain is not only a decentralized intermediary platform but also a digital asset.
On Binance, it offers two ways to establish a purchase of LINK.
◾ Create your account on
◾ After you have successfully created an account, it will ask you to verify the personal details you entered.
◾ Pick up LINK from the search bar
◾ Click on the purchase button

Where To Buy Chainlink (LINK) In Australia 

Buying Chainlink in Australia on several platforms like Binance, Swyftx and is a direct and easy process known to traders and investors. If you want to know how to buy Chainlink (LINK) in Australia, this article contains all the data you need.

Swyftx Exchange

The Chainlink allows the Blockchain network to establish a smart contract with the investors outside the network with the help of off-data. Buying a link on Swyftx is a straightforward task that everyone can perform facing no hustle.

Swyftx is a crypto exchange that is based in Melbourne and native to Australia. All the regulations and guidelines listed by the Australian government are being followed by Swyftx and hence it could be an ideal choice for those investors who are worried about the local rules compelling exchanges.

Swyftx supports the users to pay in AUD through PayID, OSKO, and POLi other than the regular bank payments with an average fee of 0.06% to 0.85% of the total transactions. Exchange is a platform allowing you to buy, sell, trade, track and send over 250+ crypto and 20 Fiat Currencies. Here, you can buy Crypto using bank transfers and your credit and debit cards.

With so many digital assets, it allows you to buy and sell Chainlink at true cost. also allows its users to stake their Chainlink in Australia at one of the highest interest rates in the market and could be ideal for long-term holders of the token.

Other than that offers crypto Visa cards that allow you to use your cryptos in all the regular transactions without the need to sell them through and exchange them every time. The fee for this exchange ranges from 0.04% to 0.4% of the total transactions. 

Binance Exchange

Binance in the crypto industry is the most reputed and trusted crypto exchange. Its user-friendly, easy-to-use platform and abundance of crypto assets bring more traffic to it daily. Buying, selling, and trading on Binance is a simple and short performance that takes a few minutes.

Over 600 crypto-assets are present in Binance that make users not look for any competitive exchange. Binance also offers multiple features including crypto wallets, advanced trading bots, and the lowest exchange rates, as low as 0.01%, in the market.  

Like all assets, you can buy LINK also in some simple steps. Hence if you are a trader who is wondering about how to buy Chainlink in Australia and looking out for the best exchange to do so then Binance could be the right choice for you.

Ways Of Buying Chainlink (LINK) 

Cryptocurrency exchanges offer various methods of payments to buy Chainlink. Some of these methods are bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and PayPal. Whichever payment methods your exchange supports, you can buy using it.

Buy Chainlink With PayPal

Many crypto exchanges support PayPal as a payment method. And there are so many platforms that do not. The platforms described above do not support PayPal as a payment method.

Yet present they are using bank transfers and debit or credit cards for funding your account. There is another way also that you can adapt to the deposit with PayPal. You can Buy Bitcoin on any such platform that accepts PayPal, then you can send it to an exchange like Binance and convert it into LINK. This process is not so tricky even though it involves so many steps. 

Buy Chainlink With Credit Card/Debit Card

Most crypto exchanges allow their users to make a payment using debit and credit cards.

If you possess Visa and MasterCards, you can use these methods. Otherwise, you have a secure method of deposit from bank transfers. Crypto exchanges mentioned above accept payments via Visa and MasterCards.

Binance offers direct purchase on the transfers from debit and credit cards with no deposit fee. As PayPal is not accessible on the Binance for buying LINK, buy Bitcoin from any platform that receives payment with PayPal and send it into your Binance account to convert it into LINK. 

Chainlink (LINK) Price And Prediction

As Chainlink is also a cryptocurrency, its value is volatile. It alters as the demand for the coin alters in the market. If demand rises, the price of the asset rises and vice versa. It’s not possible for anyone, no matter how experienced, to predict the movement of asset prices when it comes to the blockchain-based currency.

However, knowing the background of the present scenarios in the industry about the coin can help a lot. 

The LINK has been in discussion since its birth in 2017 because it operates on the world’s first oracle network on Blockchain. Traders have many opinions and predictions of LINK’s volatility as it reached $52 in May 2021.

Technical analysis of Chainlink predicts that the minimum cost of Chainlink may reach $19.99 or below that and the max price may hit $22.56 or above in 2022.

Benefits of Buying Chainlink (LINK)?

Because of its hype, the traders have a constant eye on the price of LINK. Chainlink is shoeing enormous growth in the realm of the crypto industry. Its high volatility is due to the technology with which it works.

Chainlink is providing a great aid in its growth because it has excellent networking in the market. Many traders believe in trading on LINK because they think it is worth buying. LINK is constantly upgrading its functions and utility and is, in a way, that provides viability and long-term stability.

So if you are someone who is living in Australia and thinking about investing in a potential token, not in terms of trading but an investment then Chainlink could be a great option for you. 

Risks of Buying Chainlink (LINK)? 

Despite its hype and high price predictions by experts link is undoubtedly a highly volatile asset that no one knows when will rise and fall. Its value and price caught the eyes of investors because it operates on secure and reliable technology.

After the price rise of LINK in May 2021, many decentralized oracles came into existence and provided the same aid and functioning to the blockchain network. It somewhere reduces the value of Chainlink. It differs completely from Bitcoin and functions in the same way as Bitcoin and all the cryptocurrencies.

So there stays fear in traders’ minds about volatility and competition that should they invest in LINK or not. Before investing in LINK, you should be aware of the behavior, traits, and history of LINK.

How To Buy Chainlink (LINK) In Australia – Step By Step Procedure

Buying Chainlink on any exchange described above does not require too many steps. Like all cryptocurrency assets. it needs to sign up on any exchange you like and the followed process is also simple.

Choose An Exchange That Sells Chainlink

It is always the major step to be taken by every individual because it requires a lot of research. It may be quite hectic for one to find a platform that exactly matches the demands and needs.

Chainlink is though available to the maximum number of crypto exchanges does not mean that every platform fulfills your expectations. In such a scenario, many traders come with Binance.

Binance because of its reliability and assurance of safety is known to all crypto enthusiasts or beginners, thus it becomes their first choice. Binance allows trading on LINK, starting with a few simple steps.

Create And Verify The Account

Because for your trade to happen, your presence in the trading exchange is essential. Creating an account is the first requirement for starting a trade. On Binance for signing up, you need to enter your name, phone number, and an email address in use. 


Then it will direct you to the identity verification or KYC page. Any further steps will start when the preceding are done. 

These KYC mechanics allow the exchange to keep a track of their users and thus, in any unwanted circumstances information is required for the customer then Biance can fetch it comfortably. These regulations are also insisted on by the governments. 

Fund Your Account

For you to store any asset in your wallet, buying it is the main step. After the completion of the identity verification process, the Binance software will ask you to buy your selected asset. In Binance you can purchase with bank transfers or debit and credit cards.


For you to buy using bank transfer, it allows you first to fund in stable coins and convert it into LINK later. You can directly purchase LINK using debit and credit cards. And once the funds are added you would not have to face the hassle of moving to payment gateways at any time it is required. 

Buy Chainlink

Now the only process remaining is the purchase of LINK for you to store it in your secure wallet. After you have funded your account either using bank transfers or debit/credit cards, you will lend on the purchase page

Buy Chainlink Binance

Where you only need to hit the ‘Buy LINK’ button in order to complete the buying process. Now, it is all up to you what you do with this coin. Once you hit the buy button, you can send, transfer, stake, lend or withdraw it afterward.

Best Wallet To Keep Your Chainlink (LINK) 

Knowing how to store crypto coins is as much as important as knowing how to buy Chainlink (LINK) in Australia. In order to store your assets safely and easily, wallets play an essential role. How secure the blockchain is, there is always a chance of being manipulated and hacked. Wallets come into action for you to prevent hacking. 

Trezor Model one

as claimed by them is the most secure and reliable wallet. Trezor Model one supports more than 1000 digital assets, including Chainlink. Trezor Model one supports all the computer operating systems such as Windows 10, macOS, and Linux.

Trezor Hardware Wallet

You can buy the Trezor model once from its official website in Australia for only $220 AUD. It accepts payments using a visa, MasterCard, and Bitcoin.

How To Sell Chainlink (LINK)

In Binance, selling your coins is as easy as buying them. You can sell your coin with a P2P trading option. It involves only three steps. First of which is placing an order for your assets. As you complete placing your order, Binance P2P Will escrow assets from your account.

The second step is the confirmation of receiving money from the buyer. After the confirmation, the third step, which is the last one, involves releasing money from Binance P2P.

How To Buy Chainlink (LINK) In Australia: Conclusion

Now, as we conclude, we hope you grasped a plethora of knowledge provided above and we hope that you learned how to buy Chainlink (LINK) In Australia. well, before starting a trade, keep in mind the volatility, viability, risk factors, and stability of the coin.

Chainlink brings the data from the external world to the Blockchain network in order to make smart contracts with the investors. With its rise in the market, several other similar functioning platforms came into existence and started competing with the world’s first oracle network.

Because of this, experts have two opinions about the price, it may decrease from the recent price range or may take a high jump. 

If we try to conclude about the exchanges we have mentioned above, Binance is a hustle-free and beginner-friendly platform with zero deposit and low trading free. You can buy and sell much more easily in Binance than on other recommended platforms.

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