How To Buy LUNA (Terra) In Australia: Complete Guide For Aussies

Knowing about LUNA (Terra) anywhere over the internet must have made you think that how to buy LUNA (Terra) in Australia, and if your answer is yes, then this guide is just for you. LUNA was founded in 2018 on the open-source blockchain of Terra, LUNA is the official token of the Terra blockchain which is a platform to develop a more decentralized and stable blockchain token.

LUNA (Terra) has a market capitalization of over A$44,368,395,925 and a current price of 128 AUD, these prices are neither too costly nor too cheap for a coin that is based on a stable blockchain.

Australian Investors are willing to invest in LUNA (Terra) but how to buy LUNA in Australia is a catch therefore we are writing a dedicated guide on how can you buy LUNA (Terra) in Australia. To know the step-by-step process follow along with the guide. 

 Buy LUNA (Terra) In Australia

How To Buy LUNA (Terra) In Australia – Quick Guide

Before we jump right into the process of discussing the details of how to buy LUNA in Australia, let’s take look at the process in a simple and concise way. 

Visit by clicking the link
◾ Sign up to create a trading account on Binance
◾ Fill in all the KYC information required to proceed
◾ Verify Your Account with Binance
◾ Once done, search for LUNA (Terra)
◾ Click on buy now and select the quantity you want to buy
◾ Pay in Australian Dollars and complete the transaction

Where To Buy LUNA (Terra) In Australia

Now is the time to talk about some of the leading crypto exchanges in Australia which are dealing in LUNA (Terra) and could be a perfect fit for your trading requirements.  

Coinbase Exchange

While we are talking about crypto exchanges then not talking about Coinbase is not an option, especially in the case of Australia. Having a solid presence in the Australian markets, Coinbase is a dealbreaker for many Australians due to the factor of trust and could be a go-to choice when it comes to buying LUNA (Terra) in Australia.

Coinbase supports a lot of crypto coins that are present in the market and also comes with a mobile application for its users that allows them to monitor their trades even while not accessing their PCs. Cryptocurrency needs wallets to store its private keys and Coinbase exchange also entertains a digital wallet solution for its users and that too for free.  

Kucoin Exchange

Discussing another trading exchange for Australians to buy LUNA, Kucoin is one such exchange that has a wide range of crypto support and Kucoin undoubtedly supports LUNA (Terra) for Australian traders.

Another key highlight is an alluring staking option available for their traders that offers decent interest rates along with providing free storage to your crypto assets.

Kucoin also offers a low trading fee to its customers which makes it a perfect choice for those traders who want to buy LUNA (Terra) in Australia but do not want to share a bigger part of the pie by paying the fee only.  

Binance Exchange

It is highly unlikely that if you are reading an article about LUNA (Terra) and you know nothing about Binance. Binance is the leading crypto exchange in the world where you can buy LUNA (Terra) without any hassle.

It has the lowest trading fee and better user interface than most of the trading exchanges present in Australia, Binance also provides native application support for its Android and iOS users that give them a hassle-free experience while trading their assets over the platform.

The most trusted digital wallet solution, Trust wallet is also a product of the Binance trading exchange and thus has robust integrations between them. 

Ways of Buying LUNA (Terra) In Australia

Even though there are lots of ways by which you can buy LUNA (Terra) in Australia but one of the most common methods is banks and credit/debit cards and thus we are covering how to buy LUNA (Terra) in Australia using these methods. 

Buy LUNA (Terra) With A Credit/Debit Card

Paying from the cards now has become the traditional way of paying for any over-the-counter payment requests and LUNA (Terra) can be bought using both credit cards and debit cards.

If you are willing to buy your LUNA (Terra) and other crypto assets using Australian credit cards and debit cards then you should opt for a trading exchange that suits your needs. Credit cards allow you to increase your purchasing power by increasing the amount that you can pay from your balance.

And this could be a life-changing decision as it allows you to earn huge profits using huge investments without the need of lending it for short-term trades. 

Buy LUNA (Terra) With Bank Deposit

When we talk about payments then there is one thing that hit our minds and that is nothing but Banks. Bank Payments are still one of the most reliable and universally accepted ways of money transfer across the globe.

The adaptability and legal acceptability of Bank transfers make it a reliable choice for those investors who are willing to buy LUNA (Terra) from Australia. All the crypto exchanges from around the world are accepting bank deposits to be the default mode of payments as it reduces the third-party centralized parties from the transaction. 

LUNA (Terra) Price And Prediction

There is nothing as perfect prediction while trading in cryptos. Not even the most experienced crypto traders can perfectly predict where LUNA (Terra) is going to go in the next few weeks but there are certain aspects of coins that need to be researched so that general information can be maintained about the project.

LUNA (Terra)’s prices in the recent past have been strong if the things go right and people will keep the stakes then the return can go as high as 20% to 40% but expecting something too drastic from LUNA (Terra) will not be ideal as per present circumstances.

Benefits Of Buying LUNA (Terra)

LUNA (Terra) is a decentralized crypto project that is based on the Terra blockchain. The prices and the market caps are going in the right directions and this could possibly become a leading base for projects based on Terra.

LUNA (Terra) not only provides a stable investment opportunity in the market but also gives a chance for your to hold and stake through many trading exchanges in Australia.

The rate of interest through staking LUNA (Terra) in Australia can vary according to the vendor that you are choosing to stake with as the interest rates can vary from one exchange to the other exchange.  

Risks of Buying LUNA (Terra)

There is always a downside to the things that appears too good from a distance but the good thing about LUNA (Terra) is that the risk involved in the process is not as much as in the other blockchain project.

Although from the expert questions have been raised about the total backing of this asset from the Terra itself and the claims have been made that exceptional holdings will be required for it to move with steady growth.

The stable coin image of the LUNA (Terra) also ensures that people keep holding the asset in the hope of better returns but knowing when to exit the position could make a difference.

How To Buy LUNA (Terra) In Australia – Step by Step Guide

In this section of the article, we are going to discuss how you can choose a trading exchange and do the rest of the formalities to start trading in the LUNA (Terra) crypto coin. You are requested to follow all the steps involved in the process in chronological order.  

Choose An Exchange That Sells LUNA (Terra)

Choosing the right crypto trading exchange becomes critical in the long-term investment plans as the things that you are liking about an exchange today can vary tomorrow.

Today we are going to select Binance because it is the most trusted crypto exchange present in the market right now and the wide user base of Binance will be able to resonate with the instructions coming ahead. So for these reasons, Binance would be the perfect choice for us to start trading in LUNA (Terra)

Binance Exchange Australia

Create And Verify The Account

The process of creating and verifying one’s account is fairly simple over the Binance and you can do that while following the same steps. 

  1. Go to the website 
  2. Register as a new user
  3. Fill out the signup form, enter the necessary details correctly
  4. Complete the entire security verification process
  5. Once the verification is done, you can start adding funds to your Binance account

This registration can become the bedrock of your investments in crypto-assets and can pave the way for a profitable portfolio. 

Fund Your Account

Now that you have become a registered user of one of the most used crypto trading exchanges in Australia, you are supposed to add some funds to start trading in new digital assets without the hassle of going to the bank payments every time. You can use these assets to buy LUNA (Terra) in Australia or any other currencies as per your choice. 

The steps to add funds to your Binance wallet are as follows:

  1. Give a visit to your Binance wallet and there select the mode of payment that you want to use to fund your Binance crypto wallet.
  2. In the deposits section of the wallet, enter the AUDs that you want to add to your Binance wallet
  3. Once done entering the amount you would have proceeded to the payment gateway
  4. Finish the transaction on the gateway. 
  5. Once the transaction completes successfully funds will be added to your wallet instantly

Buy LUNA (Terra)

After all the setup and learning how things functions in the blockchain, finally the time has come where you are going to buy the LUNA (Terra) in Australia. There are a few different ways to start trading with cryptocurrencies but we are going to elaborate on the most traditional one to ensure that process does not complicate your experience. 

These are the steps that you can follow to buy LUNA (Terra) from Binance:

Buy LUNA on Binance
  1. Login to your Binance wallet and please make sure that you have added the funds already
  2. Once done, search for the LUNA (Terra) cryptocurrency in the search section and open it
  3. There you will find many options but choose the one named ‘Buy’
  4. Now you will have to enter the number of crypto coins that you are willing to buy of LUNA (Terra)
  5. Once done entering the amount, pay directly from the funds that you have added to your wallet
  6. Instantly LUNA (Terra) will be added to your wallet and now you can monitor your portfolio using the simple steps. 

Best Wallet To Keep Your LUNA (Terra)

By now you have learned how to buy Luna (Terra) in Australia the next step is storing the LUNA you bought in a safe and secure palace. There are many online wallets available in the market to store your LUNA (Terra) but when it comes to holding a bigger amount of crypto security becomes critical and thus trusting a hardware wallet will be the right choice for most of the users. 

Ledger Nano S

When it comes to the hardware wallet solutions there is no one better than the Ledger. Ledger Nano S is a modern hardware solution for all your crypto trading needs and can suffice almost all your private key requirements.

Ledger Nano S

The Ledger Nano S will keep your private keys secure in a completely offline space that reduces the chances of being affected by any online breach. The security protocols used are the best in class and you can have them for only $59 AUD if you are living in Australia.

These prices are one of the lowest in the market if you order it from their website. This investment will not only ensure complete safety for your digital assets but also covers your creative blockchain processes such as NFTs and other such artifacts. 

How To Sell LUNA (Terra)

After earning a considerate profit on your present LUNA (Terra) investments you’d love to know how to cash them and in this segment, we are sharing a step-by-step guide on how you can sell your LUNA (Terra) to earn the profits. Follow the steps mentioned

  1. Login into the Binance account
  2. Go to the investment section
  3. Find your investments, click on LUNA (Terra)
  4. Click on a button named ‘Sell’
  5. Enter the amount of LUNA (Terra) that you want to sell 
  6. Transfer coins to the blockchain and confirms transactional details

It is done. Now all the profits that you have earned on LUNA (Terra) reach your wallet and you transfer them back to your account in fairly simple ways. 

How To Buy LUNA (Terra) In Australia: Conclusion 

When it comes to knowing the exact figures and details of a crypto coin then things can get really difficult as most of the projects are not willing to share their total information with the public

In the case of LUNA (Terra), all the information is shared with the holders and the focus is primarily on decentralizing the presently centralized system of trades across the world and emerging as a reliable and easy alternative to the regular fiat. These aims are there even with the aim of being completely transparent. 

These reasons might compel you to buy some LUNA (Terra) for your investments but choosing Binance for the trading will ensure that your assets are safe forever as Binance is not a platform that can doom.

The total backing is super strong and the infrastructure of the organization makes it a reliable choice for all those Australian users who are willing to buy LUNA (Terra). 

We hope that this guide gave you the most appropriate solution for the query on how to buy LUNA (Terra) in Australia and will assist you in taking the right decisions. 

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