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How To Mine Ethereum? A Beginner’s Guide To Ethereum Mining!

Crypto mining is the process of updating the Blockchain ledger used for crypto transactions. Cryptocurrencies are 100% decentralized and powered by complicated algorithms that run on powerful computers.

The blockchain acts as the crypto transaction network. The network completes the tasks by collecting all transactional data created within a specific period and placing it on a block.

How To Mine Ethereum?

The role of crypto miners is to secure this network and process every transaction. They solve computational problems that allow them to chain all the blocks together. But Ethereum mining is different from this.

It doesn’t support ASIC mining and encourages decentralized CPU or GPU mining. Are you confused? Read on till the end of this article to resolve your confusion. 

ethereum mining

Ethereum Mining Hardware

CPUs and GPUs are the two types of Ethereum mining hardware. Choosing the best one for the full-time mining process is the initial step. GPU(graphic processing unit) is about 200 times faster than the CPU(central processing unit).

You can bring GPU to your computer involved in mining by using the graphics card. The main thing you should consider while purchasing the graphics card is the hash rate performance. Hash Rate is the speed at which the math problem is solved. 

Ethereum Mining Software

Installing mining software that suits your wants and needs is the second step of the process. The Ethereum mining software will minimize the electricity cost as well as they might be and delivers a successful mining operation.

The mining software connects the mining hardware to the mining network and pool. Some of the best Ethereum mining software are listed below:

  • Claymore 
  • CGMiner
  • MinerGate  
  • Ethminer 
  • Geth 

Different Ways To Mine Ethereum

There are three different ways to mine Ethereum. They are:

  • Pool mining
  • Individual mining
  • Cloud mining services

Pool Mining

Once you get mining hardware and software, the next step is to select the best mining pool. Mining pools are the groups in which miners work together to solve complicated puzzles and share their rewards. You can share your work rather than doing those complications alone.

The members in the pool are mining within an agreement that if one of them finds the secret number or code, they will share the rewards with other members too.

Ethereum mining in pools began when the difficulty of the mining increased and it takes several years for slower miners to make a block.

There are many good mining pools to choose and it’s difficult to pick the good and efficient one. Here we have listed the top pools for Ethereum mining.

  • Ethpool 
  • F2pool
  • Dwarfpool 
  • 2miners
  • Ethfans  

Individual Mining

When you are doing individual mining, you are competing with other miners and will not get rewards if you didn’t solve the complicated maths puzzle first. Mining Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies require high hash power.

A higher hash rate is better for miners as it increases the opportunity of computing the next block. This opportunity decreases while you mine individually.    

Cloud Mining Services

Cloud mining offers services of mining Ethereum without installing mining software and hardware. It facilitates the process of mining through the cloud. Cloud computing is the fastest-growing technical trend through which servers, databases, and software can be accessed through the cloud.

When you are using cloud computing for mining, then you are paying someone else to mine for you. 

This article provides you with some basic information regarding Ethereum mining. Mining is an intelligent and smart process.

When smart people work, the doors will unlock. You can use the above-given information to set up your mining strategies, the choice is yours and I am always happy to provide knowledge and information to you.         

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