What is xum crypto

What Is XUM crypto?- A Safest Cryptocurrency For the Future!

Are you the one who is looking for complete information about the XUM coin and the XUMChain, this article will help you know it all. In this guide, we will cover a plethora of information about the XUM coin and its parent blockchain XUMChain. This is a complete roadmap for the one who wants to invest in the XUM coin. 

The XUM coin is the native coin of its blockchain, XUMChain. In the era of digitalization,  XUMChain is providing world blockchain solutions and hosting Decentralized finance operations. You can buy XUM coins on several supporting exchanges and the XUMEXX, XUM’s exchange. To hold and protect your coins and to secure private keys, XUM offers its customers a XUM wallet which you can download from the play store and the app store. Its scalability features and high throughput features make it handier and faster. 

What Is XUM Coin?

XUM is a service-oriented digital coin that operates on its blockchain, XUMChain. No governmental authorities can hold control of the blockchain as it is a decentralized distributed ledger spread all over the world. XUM coin allows fast, secure, and transparent transactions that make transactions happen within seconds. XUM crypto-based in Canada provides an eco-friendly environment for the development of XUM coin-based apps. The gas fee and the transaction fee are the primary roles of XUM crypto for the XUMChain. It is the cheaper gas fee of 50 XUM coins for the whole XUM eco-system and it generates 200 transactions per 5 seconds. 

What is xum crypto

XUM coin is a solution of the era for global clients to expand their businesses and a technological revolution to improve the operational functionalities of businesses. The coin is known for its speedy transactions and credible services. It comes with a wallet, XUM wallet, that users can download from google play and the Apple app store. 

Features Of XUM Coin Crypto

XUM coin primarily is a coin that pays for the gas to be used for the entire ecosystem of the XUMChain which costs around $0.50 at its value. Users can buy XUM coins from the supporting exchanges, i.e. XUMEXX, Hotbit, and Vindax. 

We can exchange the coin with the three cryptocurrencies: BTC, Tether, and Ethereum. The key features of the XUM coin are scalability, security, User Experience, High Throughput, one-stop Defi platform.


Scalability is one of the key features that XUM coin and XUMChain come with. The Scalability of any blockchain solution defines how fast it is verifying the transactions and how much data it is storing in one block of the blockchain. Simply, scalability measures the verification time and the size of one block of any blockchain. XUM is the coin that is a scalable blockchain. 

This means it can decrease the verification time and increase the block size as per need and the market variability. XUMChain uses the decentralized Plasma operator mechanism to speed the transaction and reach the desired result as per the need of time. 

User Experience

User Experience manifests the product and the services. It is one of the key features that we can know about any platform. XUM crypto holds this asset for the good. 

The softer UX design and the user-friendly interface connect all the features to make XUM crypto reliable and easy to use. A flexible UX allows people to use the interface smoothly with no disruptions. 

XUM crypto offers native mobile applications to its customers to make the transactions hustle-free. To get support from the XUM team, you can write them an email with your query at the email address given on the official website.


The security feature is the risk management system and team on any blockchain. It is an essential feature to measure the performance of the blockchain and the supporting coin. Blockchain is a network of blocks and this network provides security to users and the network itself. XUMChain is also an example of a secure blockchain. 

It provides both public and private keys to the users and allocates them a XUM wallet to hold, protect the XUM coin, and secure the private keys. The XUMChain operators delegate the proof of stack network and stakes.  

High Throughput

High throughput measures the rate of the transactions on the blockchain. It is a measure of valid transactions within a time period. The Transaction rate is expressed in TPS, Transactions per second. The transaction rate sometimes may also be expressed in transactions per minute TPM or Transaction per hour TPH. XUMChain’s translation rates are high. It measures up to 65K transactions per second. 

Well, the load given to a blockchain decreases the transaction rate and vice versa. To increase the throughput, the blockchain’s developer brings side chains and state channels into action. The XUMChain supports millions of side-chain transactions. 

One-stop Defi platform

Decentralized Finance is the need for the current time. It is an era when every business and industry is having a digital presence when the finance sectors of the countries have revolutionized and transformed into decentralized ones. XUMChain can host multiple decentralized finance applications with added multiple protocols. 

Defi platforms allow people to exchange their assets, lend and borrow, monitor the trade and the movement of prices, staking and hold, and earn interest. XUM crypto offers decentralized services to global clients to help them expand their businesses and trades. 

Pros And Cons Of XUM Coin Crypto

Everything under the sun has its pros and cons of usage and so does the XUM coin crypto as well. Pros and cons are not benchmarks, but they depend on the users’ needs and expectations.  


  • Xum Coin is transparent in its functioning ensuring that true decentralization is achieved
  • Xum Coin is faster than most of the blockchains present in the market today
  • It is working towards providing a much secure and safer environment for operating in a blockchain 
  • Xum crypto is completely gas-free thus, suitable for those who want to avoid the high cost
  • Xum Coin aims to increase the efficiency in the business operations of multinational organizations


  • Relatively new when compared to the other blockchains present in the market
  • Not available on all the trading exchanges

Where To Buy XUM Crypto?

Buying XUM coins is like buying other cryptocurrencies. It requires not so much effort but a reliable exchange and detailed information about the coin, such as the price predictions, including risk factors, past performances, and the answer to the question, does it match with the coin you want? Purchasing is also not a daunting task, and it is a matter of minutes practically. 

You can buy XYM Crypto from XUMEXX, which is XUM’s exchange, Hotbit, and Vindax trading platforms. To buy XUM crypto on any mentioned platform, you need to register on the platform and the KYC if required, and purchase at the end. 

Final Words On What Is XUM Crypto

In the ending words, we would like you to be more clear about how to do your research before buying a XUM coin. XUM Coin is specifically used for gas fees for its entire blockchain network. Purchasing XUM crypto on the platforms suggested XUMEXX, Hotbit and Vindax is not a hectic task but what is hectic is performing your research about the coin and the exchange to use. 

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