KeepKey Wallet Review Australia

KeepKey Wallet Review Australia – Is This Hardware Wallet Safe In 2022?

Hello, readers today we are back with yet another hardware crypto wallet review, KeepKey wallet review Australia to help Australians to make up their minds in choosing the best crypto wallet in Australia.

Keepkey is one of the most exciting hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies, boasting a beautiful aluminum case and a long-lasting battery. With KeepKey’s high-density wallet, an infinite number of private keys can be generated and saved.

KeepKey Wallet Review Australia: Everything You Need To Know Before Purchase

In KeepKey, access to your cryptocurrency is enabled by the use of “private keys,” that enhance the layers of protection. Along with bitcoin, the KeepKey crypto wallet supports the storage and transfer of Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, and Namecoin.

KeepKey Wallet Review Australia

KeepKey hardware wallet is an excellent option if you wish to create a portfolio of digital assets or use different currencies for short-term trading or long-term investing.

KeepKey integrates with its wallet software on your computer and takes over the responsibility of the key generation, storage, and signing of transactions. 

Keep reading this KeepKey Wallet Review Australia till the end to know more about this crypto wallet

5 Key Points On The KeepKey Hardware Wallet

These are some of the most critical points of the KeepKey cryptocurrency wallet that we are going to discuss in the article in detail. 

KeepKey generates and securely stores your private keys offline, away from computer vulnerabilities and viruses, while utilizing wallet software to conduct secure transactions.
◾ Each KeepKey device generates a 12-word recovery phrase during initialization that can be used to recover your private keys which provides confidence in the security of your funds, even if your KeepKey is lost or destroyed.
◾ Aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive display that allows each digital asset sent or received on your device to be plainly visible on the large display. Each transaction must be validated manually using the confirmation button, which gives you additional control and transparency into your transactions.
◾ With the ShapeShift integration, you can quickly trade coins directly from your wallet.
◾ KeepKey is a hardware wallet that features several advanced security features. Because it is a cold wallet and your assets are stored offline, it is one of the most secure methods of asset storage in the market. 

What Is A KeepKey Wallet?

KeepKey, founded in 2015, is a firm that provides consumers with a secure storage solution for their cryptocurrencies. The KеерKеy Wallet is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet. It is a multi-currency wallet that employs cutting-edge technology to avoid breaches and loss of digital assets.

Direct trading of digital assets is now allowed for ShapeShift users with KeepKey as the integration has been developed between the two. KeepKey is a hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies that protects users from both online and offline theft and that too within a price that an average investor can spend.

KeepKey is completely safe and secure. Because of HD technology in its wallets, KeepKey is tiny and quick to access and perfect for storing private keys.

What’s In The Box?

In this section of the KeepKey Wallet Review Australia, we will discuss what all things come inside the box

When the KeepKey wallet is shipped, it is packaged in a wrapped box that is sealed with a holographic security sticker that guarantees the contents have not been tampered with, during transportation.

The box of KeepKey crypto wallet includes a KeepKey secure hardware wallet as well as a variety of other items such as a braided USB cable measuring 3 feet (1 meter) in length and a guarantee agreement.

As an added bonus, the KeepKey comes with a single recovery card, which is used to store the 12-word recovery phrase that must be entered when the device is first turned on and initialized.

KeepKey Wallet Setup

To get started with your KeepKey, simply follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Go to
  2. Pair Your KeepKey and connect the KeepKey to your computer using the USB cable.
  3. It’s time to upgrade your smartphone if you see this warning. Select the “Download Updater App” option. Once you’ve done that, click “Get the app.”
  4. Initialize your device by selecting “Connect a wallet” in the upper left corner of the screen, then choose “KeepKey” in the popup that appears.
  5. You can send and receive your assets only when your device is connected.
  6. Simply pick the “Assets” button in the left column to discover the digital assets that it offers.
  7. Utilize the fiat on-ramp connection to acquire cryptocurrency using your bank account for a fee of less than 1%
  8. Once you have digital assets and a verified ShapeShift account, trading one cryptocurrency for another is simple.

KeepKey Wallet Interface And Ease Of Use

Let us tell you about the KeepKey wallet and the usefulness of the device. A USB connection that can be used to connect the device to a Linux, Mac, or Windows computer is provided natively to the wallet.

KeepKey is also compatible with a smartphone with the aid of an OTG adapter cable to connect the two devices. And to do that you must download the MyCelium app from Google Play or Apple App Stores and follow the self-explanatory and easy-to-follow procedure. 

The most recent version of Google Chrome is necessary for the first set up of the KeepKey wallet. Once that is made sure, all you have to do is to download and enable the KeepKey app from the Chrome Web Store and connect the wallet to your computer via a USB cable.

These easy use setup and interactive user interface of the wallet makes it one of the most user-friendly crypto wallet in the hardware wallet segment. 

KeepKey Wallet Review Australia – Supported Coins

KeepKey is capable of transmitting and receiving many different cryptocurrencies. The ETC support of the KeepKey wallet makes it an ideal choice for those investors who are willing to invest in a wide spectrum of coins based on Ethereum. Some of the coins that are supported by KeepKey are listed below. 

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin Gold
  • Dash
  • Dogecoin
  • Litecoin

Plus over 30 more ERC20 tokens

In comparison to the TREZOR wallet and Ledger wallet, which both handle over 1000+ digital assets, KeepKey only supports a few.

However, this should not be a reason for concern for those traders who are Bitcoin maximalists or holders of the other six cryptocurrencies supported by KeepKey, but it does present a challenge for anyone looking to diversify their holdings any further. As a result, KeepKey integrated ERC20 functionality and now supports the storage of over 30 ERC20 tokens.

KeepKey Wallet Safety & Security

It’s critical to know what to look for when selecting a crypto wallet that meets your demands in terms of security. If you deal with money on an instant basis, then a software wallet could suffice your needs but they are not as secure as hardware wallets.

On the other hand hardware, and wallets such as KeepKey are made for people who are serious about the security of their digital investments. KeepKey crypto wallet is one of the safest hardware wallets in the market that do not hinder the user experience in the name of additional protocols.

All the keys stored in KeepKey are secured by end-to-end encryption and never made to leave the local storage of the device. KeepKey could be a great choice for those who are looking to invest large sums of cryptos in Australia. 

KeepKey Wallet Benefits

The KeepKey hardware crypto wаllеt is simple to operate. It does not require the use of any additional batteries in order to function. KeepKey assigns a fee to each transaction automatically, ensuring that transactions are confirmed with the least amount of delay.

It is the assurances provided by the product in terms of dependability and safety that are the most valuable aspects of the KeepKey wallet in Australia.

By making the source code of their product publicly available, the developers of a product have raised public confidence in the product’s dependability. The aluminum alloy shell of the wallet is more durable and secure when compared to the plastic casing of a similar-sized wallet made of the same material.

The KeерKеу Wаllеt has one of the best security gatekeeping in terms of key encryptions. KeepKey recommends that you use different addresses for each transaction in order to maintain the best amount of anonymity possible.

KeepKey Wallet Pros And Cons

In this segment of the KeepKey Wallet Review Australia, we are discussing some of the pros and cons of this hardware wallet to know whether it is worth your investment or not. 


  • The device’s OLED display is visually appealing and professionally constructed, making it easier to use than other similar items.
  • Provides access to the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world.
  • The new pricing represents excellent value.
  • Security features with multiple levels of protection
  • Currency conversions are made simple with the help of ShapeShift integration


  • It is slightly less portable than other hardware wallets due to its large display.
  • When transmitting bitcoin payments, Keepkey does not support local currency amounts, forcing laborious calculations. 

KeepKey Wallet Pricing

It was highly expensive ($239 at the time) when the KeepKey wallet initially came out on the market. The company has opted to decrease since then to make it fair and competitive. Presently it is $112, making it one of the most affordable hardware wallets on the market right now.

Shipping prices may vary depending on your location and the retailer you choose. You may also enjoy some price reductions due to the competition. Alternatively, you may get KeepKey from an authorized US reseller, which includes a fireproof and waterproof offline backup, for $99 in addition to the software.

KeepKey Wallet vsTREZOR wallet

As previously noted, the makers of the Keepkey wallet used the TREZOR source code. As a result, the two wallets share certain similarities. However, there are some distinctions between them. Consider the following distinctions:

KeepKey Wallet vs Trezor Wallet

The Wallet size

TREZOR wallet is significantly smaller than Keepkey Wallet and has a number of advantages and differences in terms of functionality. It is far more portable than the Keepkey, which is somewhat bulky and hefty. On the other hand, the KeepKey screen is smaller and more challenging to operate, which is especially obvious while confirming addresses.

Procedures for Configuration 

Keepkey is substantially easier to set up and use than TREZOR and does not require any technical knowledge. Even those unfamiliar with the procedure will find it straightforward and convenient.

Amount Of Coins Supported

In terms of supported coins, the KeepKey crypto wallet lags far behind all other hardware wallets. On the other hand, Trezor’s program is able to store more than 1,000 different coins and tokens, and it does so natively.

KeepKey Wallet Customer Support

Recently they have developed a customer help desk that is actually reliable for customers and handling more complaints and working towards delivering swift solutions for them. Thus they are also increasingly interacting with call centers. Ordinarily, consumers spend hours going through menus and trying to meet all criteria. This leads to client confusion and discontent. 

That is why the KeepKey help desk has been developed. Keepkey supports social media accessibility and call facilities for its customers. However, Keepkey wallet doesn’t support any kind of email care for its customers. KeepKey is continuously trying to develop its customer support for a better one and the progress can be seen in the matrics. 

KeepKey Wallet Review Australia: Conclusion

KeepKey is a gorgeous aluminum bitcoin hardware wallet with a long-lasting battery. KeepKey supports seven coins. New KeepKey pricing is easy-to-use and comes with an OLED display that makes and deploys advanced security protocols.

However, its bulky size limits its portability. One can access the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency using this high-security hardware wallet that comes with its own Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) features.

We hope that this KeepKey wallet review Australia gave you enough details to decide whether KeepKey is the right wallet for you in Australia. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What wallets work with KeepKey?

Third-party applications, such as the following can be used with KeepKey.

  • Mycelium.
  • Electrum.
  • MultiBit.
  • ShapeShift

2. Can I use KeepKey without ShapeShift?

All marketing and business-related URLs now redirect to the ShapeShift domain, though the existing Chrome Browser plugin can still be used to access your Keepkey without creating an account or providing any information to ShapeShift.

3. Is KeepKey compatible with iPhone? 

KeepKey wallets are compatible with all desktop computer operating systems, but not all mobile operating systems. While connectivity with Android wallets is feasible, the KeepKey wallet lacks Bluetooth functionality, which means it will not operate with your iPhone.

4. Is KeepKey open source?

KeepKey’s firmware is completely free and available to the public. The entire project is available as OpenSource. An entirely new way of doing business in finance is being developed, one that is borderless, decentralized, and founded on open-source protocols.

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